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The voice of the global employee


The voice of the global employee

In the post-pandemic world, we have all become “global employees.” Not only because most of us have the opportunity to work remotely, but also because we are connected in our shared experience of lockdowns, stress, and fear that have plagued our minds during the last two years. Overall, we are still fighting an uphill battle to recover, and employees are no exception with another year of stress at an all-time high. To understand the aftershock the pandemic has left on the workplace, Gallup surveyed 68,000 employees in 140+ countries in their “State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report.” Read the report to take charge of your workplace health today.

Get smart

We have all heard the adage, “the heart wants what the heart wants.” Well in sales, the buyer wants what the buyer wants, and their expectations are at an all-time high. Failing to meet their requirements may cost you a deal, as 32% of all customers said they would stop doing business with a brand after one bad experience. So what can you do to get ahead of the game? Investing in sales intelligence equips your team with valuable data and insights, allowing your reps to foster a better buyer journey and customer experience. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn how to make sales intelligence work for your business on the Crunchbase blog. It’s time to get smart about sales.

All for one, and one for all

The unspoken rivalry between sales and marketing teams is like the dynamic between siblings. They annoy the crap out of each other, they fight and bicker, but they still love each other when the day is done. If this rings true, it might be time to reevaluate the relationship between your sales and marketing teams. The latest Gartner B2B Buyer Survey shows that collaboration between these two functions is critical, as the buyer’s journey becomes more digital, and telling a consistent story becomes imperative. But have no fear, Gartner is here with an article on aligning sales and marketing efforts to reduce buyers’ purchasing regret. Remember, not all heroes wear capes. Some wear PJs to their zoom meetings.



Productivity booster

If there’s one common trait across all salespeople, it’s that they love selling. That also means that they hate doing anything that keeps them from selling – even if they’re important things like logging calls and emails, scheduling meetings, and keeping Salesforce current for accurate reporting and forecasting. That’s one of the reasons that reps love using Groove. By eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks, Groove is saving Trader Interactive 15% of their workday. A Fortune 50 financial services firm summed it up this way: “Groove gave us our Friday’s back!”



Pick your brain

Like a fingerprint, every human being’s brain is uniquely wired. Don’t you wish you had the opportunity to pick the brain of the best sales leaders in the world? We know we do. That’s why the “How I Sell” series on the LinkedIn Sales Blog is so great. Take a look inside the sales brain of Gabrielle Blackwell, Business Development Manager at Airtable and one of LinkedIn’s Top Sales Voices. From her sales philosophy to her best discovery question and the biggest lesson she’s learned in her sales career, Blackwell has a lot to share. This one’s sure to get you thinking.

Silver linings

Picture this: Every car around you is stuck in a gridlock, your stomach is growling, and your A/C just broke. Usually, sitting in 5 pm traffic seems like a huge waste of time. But putting on some rockin’ music or an insightful podcast might make it a little more enjoyable. Like traffic, a phone call is often a hindrance to your prospect’s morning, especially if it isn’t adding any immediate value to their day. Oftentimes, it can be hard for salespeople to showcase the products’ full value to a prospective customer within the first phone call. Thankfully, Anthony Iannarino has some tips on how to ensure you’re maximizing every minute of your client calls. The opportunity is always there, even if you don’t see it at first.

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