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Groove: Top-Rated College Recruitment Software

The process of recruiting the best of the best students to any college can be somewhat chaotic. Juggling contacts, emails, text messages, events, applications, marketing campaigns, and more — it’s a lot to manage and keep up with. Not to mention, it’s getting even more challenging for schools to stand out amongst the competition, leaving recruiters to scramble for better enrollment strategies (on top of everything else they do).

The solution? A college recruitment strategy that leverages the right college recruitment software. By automating the more tedious and time-consuming recruitment tasks, you can spend more time focusing on areas that need it most, like cultivating relationships with prospective students and strengthening recruitment marketing campaigns.

Here, we’re sharing some of our top picks for college recruitment software and why it’s an investment worth considering.

Top-rated college recruitment software


It’s no secret the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted in-person recruitment events. So if you’re looking for better virtual solutions, Brazen is a solid choice. With it, you can coordinate and host:

  • Online admissions events

  • Student orientation

  • Networking events

  • Career fairs

  • And much more!

The added benefits of online recruitment events? It keeps your team and prospective students safe while saving a lot of time and money. Not to mention, you can expand your reach to anywhere you want, as students won’t have the added hurdle of traveling to consider. Win-win.

Gr8 People

Gr8 People has also adapted to the demand for more virtual recruiting events, developing a solution for just that. From information sessions to career fairs and more, the Gr8 People Platform automates event registrations, communication (think invites and reminders), text message recruiting, and much more. Another perk? You can leverage this platform for prospective students and current students, organizing recruitment events for them, too.

SmartHub by Keystone Academic Solutions

Keystone Academic Solutions specializes in higher-ed marketing, so they know a thing or two about student recruitment. In 2017, they leveraged that knowledge to develop their very own software — named SmartHub — to reduce manual work for recruiters (by up to 70%!). On top of that, SmartHub can do things like:

  • Boost the number of qualified student leads

  • Handle all forms of communication

  • Manage hundreds of prospects (and their status!)

  • Automate marketing campaigns

SmartHub also has an impressive international reach, partnering with more than 4,200 schools around the world.


Of course, we have an all-time favorite recruitment software, and it’s one we’re proud to stand behind. Groove can be customized to fit any team with any needs — even college recruiters. How? With powerful features like:

  • Email and calendar sync to log all emails and meetings with prospective students

  • Automated multi-channel campaign flows (with A/B testing)

  • Workflow management to keep tabs on prospects and where they’re at in the recruitment funnel

  • Click-to-call and SMS messaging

  • Analytics and insights to determine what’s working, what’s not, and when you’re making the most successful connections with prospects

  • And much more!

Top-rated college recruitment software

BONUS: Groove + Salesforce

As the number one engagement platform for Salesforce, Groove easily integrates with the intelligent CRM software to make your recruitment strategy that much more powerful. When combined, you don’t have to choose between productivity and personalization; you can have both.

That’s because Groove understands the need for cultivating unique and personal relationships, not just inputting data into a tool. So, if you’re looking for a tool that boosts productivity, keeps your recruitment data organized, and facilitates meaningful communication — Groove is the way to go. See what we can do for your college recruitment strategy by scheduling a demo today!

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