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Top Sales Blogs Man Writing Blog

Whether you need to solve a problem, get inspired, or just make sure you’re keeping up with the latest sales industry trends, it’s always good to know where you can turn for trusted information.

The best place to learn is from the professionals who have been there and done that. But in a sea of websites, unvetted sources, and unsolicited advice, it can be hard to know where to look. We know it can be daunting to even search for the best answer to a burning question. So we did the hard work for you.

Below is a list of the absolute best sales blogs you should follow for tips, tricks, and industry news.

1. Craig Rosenberg, Gartner Analyst Blog

Craig Rosenberg is a Distinguished Vice President and Analyst at Gartner. Craig’s Gartner analyst blog covers a myriad of sales industry trends and debuts new research findings. Craig is also the co-author of the famous Sales Tech Mayhem blog series, which discusses the ever-changing sales tech market.

2. Phil Harrell – Forrester Analyst Blog

Phil Harrell is a VP and Senior Research Director at Forrester with over 20 years of experience building and leading high-performance B2B sales teams all over the globe. Follow his blog for data-driven sales strategies, productivity tips and other interesting industry insights.

3. Dave Egloff, Gartner Analyst Blog

Dave Egloff is Vice President and Analyst in Gartner’s Sales Practice. Egloff advises and produces research for Chief Sales Officers and Heads of Sales Operations on topics spanning sales strategy and operations. In his blog, Egloff provides insightful sales tips and tricks twice a month.

4. Seth Mars – Forrester Analyst Blog

Seth Mars is a Principal Analyst at Forrester with more than 20 years of experience leading sales operations, service operations, and marketing organizations. Follow Seth’s blog to keep up with his thoughts on leveraging data, process, and technology to drive business growth.

5. LinkedIn Sales Blog

The LinkedIn Sales Blog is a great place to learn about everything from sales strategies and modern selling tips to B2B sales advice, and much more. Subscribe for their weekly recap sent to your email.

6. RAIN Group Blog

RAIN Group is an award-winning sales training company with a great sales blog. Find excellent sales advice, tips, research, and insights to unleash your sales potential.

7. GZ Consulting

GZ Consulting is a market research and competitive intelligence consultancy. GZ is a great blog for those looking for advice and the latest news on sales intelligence, sales engagement, and other B2B sales products.

8. Value Selling Associates

Value Selling Associates is a value-based sales training service company led by President and CEO, Julie Thomas. A noted speaker, author and consultant, Julie’s sales career spans more than 24 years. Follow her blog to learn tips, tricks, and solutions to boost sales.

9. Edinger Consulting Blog

Scott Edinger of Edinger Consulting helps leaders develop strategies and execute approaches to grow revenue. A consultant, author, advisor, and speaker, Scott is an expert on leadership for revenue growth. Follow Scott’s blog to read published articles in the Harvard Business Review on sales, leadership, and business.

10. Amy Franko’s Blog

Amy Franko is a strategic sales expert and keynote speaker. Amy had an impressive career in B2B sales with global tech giants until launching a sales training company, Amy Franko Associates. Read her blog to gain insights into sales performance tips and leadership development.

11. Challenger Blog

Challenger is a global leader in sales training, technology, and consulting. Follow Challenger’s blog for effective sales, marketing, customer service, and business tips and how-to’s.

12. Sandler Training Blog

Sandler Training is a top-tier professional development and training organization for sales, management, and leadership. Stay up to date on their blog for valuable insights and advice from their expert trainers.

13. The Sales Blog

The Sales Blog is written by Anthony Iannarino. Anthony is a highly respected international speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and sales leader specializing in B2B. Highly renowned, The Sales Blog is a great place to learn battle-tested sales and business strategies.

14. The Sales Management Blog

Steven Rosen is the author of the Sales Management Blog and founder of STAR Results, a sales leadership coaching and development organization. The Sales Management Blog provides you with strategies to beat your sales goals and win more deals.

15. The Closer by Groove

Every week, The Closer serves up a heaping portion of the most interesting, insightful, and useful sales industry news with a dollop of wit and levity. Subscribe to the newsletter or visit the blog to get serious about sales in a very non-serious way.


Now that we’ve revealed the industry’s top sales blogs, you are ready to boost your sales and level up your team with a powerful secret weapon – reading.

If you have any questions about how a sales engagement platform might be able to help you with any of the tips or best practices you learn, please drop us a line.


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