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TOPO Launches Post Covid-19 Recovery Framework

Last week, TOPO hosted a virtual one-day virtual conference featuring nine sessions led by a full bench of TOPO analysts. Groove live-tweeted the event, and we’ve compiled some of the key themes and recommendations from the first session, “The COVID-19 Pandemic: The New Framework for Revenue Growth” and we’re also sponsoring a webinar on the topic with TOPO and Modern Sales Pros on May 20. Continue reading for insights from the session and more information on the upcoming webinar.

Craig Rosenberg, TOPO’s chief analyst and co-founder, unveiled a new framework that organizations can follow to scale revenue post COVID-19. Offering a clear path forward, Craig talked about the opportunities for businesses that are nimble enough to quickly change and adapt.

 “Right now is not the time to quit, it’s the time to pivot.”

– Craig Rosenberg, chief analyst, and co-founder, TOPO

The framework breaks TOPO’s recommendations down into three phases: Stabilize, Reinvent, and Grow.

Stage 1 – Stabilize the Organization

In the Stabilize phase, Craig covered what most companies have already done in response to the global pandemic: reset revenue goals, enable work from home, rebuild pipeline, and make tactical adjustments. Beyond that Craig strongly recommends that companies need to do a better job of embracing their customers.

The first thing every company should do is call their customers. How are they doing? Listen to them and those learnings will be critical in helping shape strategy for the Reinvent phase. It will take a lot of work, but Craig reassured attendees that they will be better for it.

“We will take our reinvented tactics and combine them with our proven ones and be better than ever.”

– Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, and Co-Founder, TOPO

Craig went on to stress that your new growth machine needs to be built for speed and versatility. To be successful, you need to accelerate the digital transformation of your sales organization and adopt end-to-end revenue operations.

For those who embrace this framework, there is a big opportunity to thrive through change. Revenue teams have had to become more versatile overnight. Red tape is the enemy. To succeed, companies need to learn how to operate with limited friction.

“If we have learned anything from this crisis, it’s that versatility is everything.”

– Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, and Co-Founder, TOPO

Stage 2 – Time to Reinvent Your Business

Craig made it very clear that what worked before may not work now. Specifically, sales and marketing leaders need to reinvent short- and long-term go-to-market in response to the new market reality.

“The buyer, and their definition of value, has changed.”

– Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, and Co-Founder, TOPO

The old ways of reaching and talking to buyers will no longer work in this environment. The key, according to Craig, is to build something so valuable that they are compelled to give up their time. He calls this “selling with extreme value.” Take the learnings from your customer interviews and provide them with insights and solutions that tie directly to solving those challenges.

“Buyers are not in buying-mode now. So, we need to find extreme value.”

– Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, and Co-Founder, TOPO

Stage 3 – Grow (Fast)

After going through reinvention, sales and marketing organizations need to learn how to scale their efforts quickly to be able to accelerate growth when economic conditions begin to improve. And these efforts can’t just be what you’ve done before – they should be a mix of traditional tactics that have been proven to still work and new ones reinvented for this new selling environment.

“Going forward, we must build our organizations for speed and agility.” 

– Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, and Co-Founder, TOPO

If your company has been slow to adopt digital transformation, it’s time to redesign your revenue organization to sustain unpredictable changes and set your company up for growth today and tomorrow.

“Your tech stack needs to support the new sales and marketing reality. Agile go-to-market, data-driven, virtual everything, requires digital adoption. There is no grey area. You have to be all-in.”

– Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, and Co-Founder, TOPO

The fact is that every type of seller is inside sales now, and they all require automation to support how they work in this new reality.

Groove is partnering with TOPO to do a deeper dive into this new framework, guiding companies on what they need to do today to set themselves up for a successful tomorrow.

Embracing the New Normal: What Revenue Leaders Need to Do Today to Ensure a Successful Tomorrow
Date/Time: Wed May 20, 2020 10am – 2pm (PDT)


  • Craig Rosenberg, Co-founder and Chief Analyst, TOPO Research
  • Dan Gottlieb, Analyst, Sales Practice, TOPO Research
  • Kristin Hersant, Vice President of Marketing, Groove

In this webinar, TOPO Analysts will present their recommendations for what B2B revenue leaders should do in each stage of this change management framework and share stories about the bold executive vision that is setting these companies up for sustained change, now and for the future.

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