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Virtual improvements

The Closer | Virtual Improvements


Virtual improvements

Who doesn’t like to close deals from the couch? The emergence of virtual selling as a dominant sales channel was one of the major silver linings of 2020 for B2B reps and buyers alike. After a year, it’s as good a time as any to take stock of what’s working and what’s not when it comes to selling through a webcam. Sales consultants at Bain & Co. did exactly that and found that many companies’ virtual selling execution could use a few tweaks. According to the experts, there are 5 dimensions of effective virtual selling where sales teams have room to improve. Making sure you’re strong in each area is a worthwhile time investment, because virtual selling isn’t going anywhere.

NFT vs. CRM?

Excitement around both of these 3-letter acronyms has reached new heights as of late. While we might not be equipped to speak about the future of digital tokenization, we are bullish on the future of CRMs. In the new world of remote work, companies are realizing the value of every digital customer interaction – and recognizing the critical role that a CRM plays in tracking and managing each one. Yet, some sellers still don’t fully understand what the hype is about. Not sold on how CRMs fit into your future? Forrester outlines 3 key CRM trends that sellers should understand to better engage buyers across digital channels.


Take a trip to sales relationship therapy

The Closer: Virtual Improvements

Whether good, bad, or ugly, relationships make the world go ‘round. You may think that it’s impossible to put a dollar amount on the value of a strong relationship, but let us give it a shot: couples therapy is a $20 billion industry. I’ll let that sink in. Beyond romance, there’s another key industry where relationships are queen: Sales. A strong relationship between seller and buyer can uncover key account insights and even turn a long-shot into a closed deal. The folks at the tech publication BuiltIn put together a 5-step guide to relationship selling, and invited Groove CEO and Co-founder, Chris Rothstein to share his perspective. So if you’ve had a tough quarter and are thinking about seeking out, “sales relationship therapy”, read the article first. You might get exactly what you need, and your wallet will thank you.

Shaking up the selling landscape

By 2025, Gartner predicts that 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. As the social media sellers in the audience rejoice, more traditional sellers may be uneasy wondering if they’ll be able to establish the 1:1 connections that used to move deals across the finish line. Luckily, even though the channels are changing, the sales game has stayed largely the same: it’s still all about relationships. Ben Budde, Groove’s VP of Sales knows this so well that he hosted a session on Building Lasting Relationships in a post-COVID world at Seismic’s Digital Shift Conference in March. If you weren’t able to catch the event live, it’s ok. In this digital-world, everything is on-demand anyways – including Ben’s session.


Making intangibles tangible

The Closer | Virtual Improvements
“You can’t measure heart!” Whoever came up with this saying obviously wasn’t in-tune with the latest sales methodology. If they were, they’d know that capturing the effort that a sales rep puts forth is: (1) achievable and (2) a really smart idea if you’re trying to evaluate rep performance and streamline sales processes. So how do you measure the “heart” of a rep? By capturing effort data, according to The Linkedin Sales Blog. They interviewed the EVP of Business Development at the Positive Coaching Alliance to find out why tracking effort-based activity metrics and goals is important to sales success. Even if you don’t see the importance right away, give it the ol’ college try – it couldn’t hurt.

Steve Jobs just told you, “No”

How would you convince Apple’s infamously rigid longtime leader to change his mind? This newsletter is a rhetorical medium, so you don’t have to answer that. But hopefully the question sparks a follow-up: How would you persuade an “unpersuadable” decision maker to change theirs? Thankfully, you don’t have to answer that either because the Harvard Business Review already did. They interviewed a select few who have made a living motivating stubborn, disagreeable leaders (Steve Jobs included) to think again. Armed with their strategies and the science behind their techniques, a hard “No” from the C-Suite will never stand in your way again. Bring it on, Bezos.

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