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What return to office?


What return to office?

Always be closing. It’s a mantra for salespeople everywhere, and increasingly, anywhere. It turns out that sales reps can adapt to selling in any environment – and that’s a good thing. At the beginning of the pandemic, inside and outside sales teams were yanked from the office and the road respectively (and hopefully respectfully) to continue to ply their trade from their kitchen table, hallway, or bedroom. Things have opened up a bit recently, but we’ve got bad news for those longing for the sales days of yore. According to a new survey, 91% of sales teams haven’t fully returned to the office – and 46% work for companies that aren’t planning a full return. Check out the survey results for more return to work and B2B sales trends.

Vote for digital skills

Much like Napoleon Dynamite’s dating efforts were hampered by a lack of nunchuck and bow-hunting skills, organizations are facing even greater consequences from an employee digital skills divide. The pandemic accelerated the pace of digital transformation, and organizations now have to figure out how to equip their employees with the skills they need to thrive as part of a digital-first, hybrid workforce. Brain Solis, the Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, examines new research from Salesforce’s 2022 Global Digital Skills Index and offers up six strategies for closing the digital skills divide. None of them involves breeding ligers.

Trailblazing with actual trails

Salesforce may not have a return to office date, but it’s moving full steam ahead with a “return to the great outdoors” project. Yes, the company steeped in national park imagery and staffed with trailblazers is doubling down on the theme with a 75-acre staff wellness retreat located in a redwood forest south of San Francisco. After two years of remote work, Salesforce believes the retreat will help strengthen its culture by bringing employees together to bond and brainstorm in a peaceful, 100% on-brand setting. So what does a Salesforce retreat look like? The Wall Street Journal explores Salesforce’s new Trailblazer Ranch and the motivation behind it. It’s safe to say that Salesforce’s #TeamEarth spokesperson would find the place to be alright, alright, alright.


More time to sell

If you take “closed deals” out of the equation, what’s the one thing most salespeople wish they had more of? If you said “time,” you’d be correct. If you said “opportunities” or “commission payments,” those clearly fall under the umbrella of “closed deals” and, therefore, don’t count. (Nice try though.) If you’re looking to free up time to nurture relationships and close deals, it’s worth getting better acquainted with your sales engagement platform. Auto-logging emails, calls, and meetings is just the tip of the iceberg. From automating messages to streamlining processes, there is a lot you can do to save more precious deal-closing time. Check out Groove’s blog for seven tips for boosting your sales efficiency with a sales engagement platform


Have you heard of our competitors?

If Cinderella’s step sisters hadn’t tried to conceal her existence from the prince, they might have had better luck wooing him by framing the conversation. “Have you met our step-sister? No? That’s probably because she’s always by herself talking to rodents and birds.” In the world of B2B sales, bringing up your competition is often a smart move. When today’s empowered buyers are making it through the majority of the buying journey before talking to a sales rep, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where they haven’t already come across your competition. Of course, how you talk about them matters. LinkedIn’s VP of Global Sales Solutions offers some sage advice for discussing competitors during the sales cycle. With the right approach, you can demonstrate how your product is like Cinderella’s glass slipper: the perfect fit.

Everything is negotiable

If the expression, “everything is negotiable” is even remotely true, it makes sense to get really good at it. It might save you from buying an extended warranty or watching a rom-com instead of a Marvel movie for date night. Of course, if you’re in B2B sales, the stakes are much higher. Buyers are always going to try to get the most product for the cheapest price. This is the dance, and you need to be Michael Johnson good at it. One of the best ways to win at negotiation is by learning how to build value for your product in the mind of the buyer. The RAIN Group sales consultancy offers up an essential B2B sales negotiation checklist that is non-negotiable. (It’s hard to negotiate with free.) 

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