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Case Study

The Highlights is a popular online retailer of home improvement products. As the company grew, its sales team found itself stretched thin, which meant that keeping Salesforce up to date took a back seat to actually selling. started evaluating sales engagement platforms that would enable it to maintain accurate Salesforce records and ensure that their reporting was always up-to-date. initially chose Groove for its ability to log emails, calls and meetings to Salesforce, but they soon discovered more ways to boost sales with Groove’s speed-to-lead capabilities and personalized, multi-step drip campaigns.

Big Wins

50% average increase in contact attempts

50% Increase Graph

67% increase in lead follow-up (from 60% of leads to 100%)

100% Leads Graph
Company is an online home improvement retailer that sells everything from faucets and lighting to hardware, appliances, and beyond. Founded in 2000 with a mission to bring ease, affordability, and empowerment to home improvement, has over 500 employees (including 250 in sales).

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The Full Story sells to both individual consumers and businesses, including contractors, interior designers, and architects. According to Rachel Gumpy, Pro Sales Supervisor at, their main challenge was raising awareness about the full spectrum of products that they sell. That’s no easy feat, and Rachel and the rest of the sales team had their work cut out for them.

Before implementing Groove, was struggling to keep up with its incoming leads. For every online order, a sales rep would follow up with a phone call or email to discuss what else the company could offer.

With over 100 leads coming in for each rep every day, the work of manually making follow-up phone calls and sending personalized emails to every lead, along with trying to keep Salesforce up to date, really added up. Given time and staff constraints, reps were only able to follow-up with approximately 60% of the leads that came in. And since sales reps were managing most of their work directly from Gmail, it was difficult to get widespread, consistent use of Salesforce.

Improving Operational Efficiency with Groove

After implementing Groove as its sales engagement platform, saw an immediate return on investment. Groove ensures that every email sent by a sales representative is synced to the contact, account and opportunity in Salesforce — automatically. If a rep is ever out of the office, anyone can see the most recent communication with any given customer and trust that it’s up-to-date.

“It is such a powerful tool.”

- Rachel Gumpy, Pro Sales Supervisor,

Rachel Gumpy

Fine-tuning Customer Nurture with Automated Multi-Step Campaigns

According to Rachel, the team has also seen significant benefits from allowing reps to build out a series of personalized emails, phone calls and social touches using pre-defined templates. When a new lead comes in, reps can drop them into a personalized multi-step campaign, or “flow.” sells millions of products — but their business customers don’t necessarily know the full scope of their product catalog. This opportunity to fine-tune their customer nurture process and win more business was huge.

With Groove,’s marketing team can load approved email and call script templates directly into Groove so that all of their reps can use them to follow up with consistent and onbrand messaging. Instead of relying on reps to copy and paste templates from a Microsoft Word doc full of templates,’s reps can easily insert the templates right from Gmail. Even better, they can also track the success of each template and make adjustments accordingly. increased the number of purchases from accounts made in the past six months, and Rachel credits that success with the effortless follow-up made possible with Groove Flow.

“We have seen a big lift in the number of touchpoints that our reps are able to make with our customers. That’s a win across the board.”

- Mike Janke, Director of Pro Sales at

Mike Janke

The result? With Groove, The team was able to:

Automate Salesforce updates

Improve customer data with automatic Salesforce updates

Ensure accurate activity reporting

Ensure accurate Salesforce activity reporting

Boost customer followup

Increase revenue by ensuring 100% account coverage

Increase return

Increase the percentage of repeat customers