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Case Study

The Highlights

Lingotek’s technology-driven translation services enable many of the largest and most innovative companies in the world to effectively manage their global content. In order to better support and grow its client base, Lingotek implemented Groove as a central pillar of its revenue operations strategy. With Groove, Lingotek has one integrated platform to support all of its revenue functions, including SDRs, account executives, and customer care teams. With Groove’s automated flows, Lingotek has been able to significantly scale its sales development efforts, increase meetings set by 2X, and ensure immediate follow-up with inbound leads. In the first 90 days of rolling Groove out to its AEs, Lingotek generated $3 million in pipeline from a double-digit increase in meetings set. Lingotek’s AEs are also using Groove’s automation and analytics to go broader and deeper with target accounts and have increased outbounding by 10X. Closing the loop, Lingotek’s customer care team is using Groove to maintain regular and relevant communication with clients, which has led to improved customer service, satisfaction, and retention.

Big Wins

Generated $3M in pipeline in 90 days

2X increase in meetings set

Increased AE outbounding volume by 10X

Increased customer retention from 85% to 94%

About Lingotek

Founded in 2006, Lingotek is a technology-driven translation services company that provides the largest and most innovative companies in the world with translation management software and professional linguistic services that enable them to push multilingual content to all of their global markets.

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The Full Story

When it comes to managing translations of corporate content in markets around the world, Lingotek is the go-to provider for many of the world’s largest companies and governmental organizations. In order to effectively bring on new customers and provide exceptional service to existing ones, Lingotek implemented Groove three years ago as a central pillar of its revenue operations strategy. With Groove, Lingotek’s AEs, SDRs, and customer care teams have one integrated sales engagement platform that allows them to maintain relevant and profitable communications withs its clients and prospects.

SDRs Leverage Sophisticated Flows and A/B Testing

On the prospecting side, Lingotek’s SDRs rely heavily on Groove’s multi-step, multi-channel Flow campaigns to reach out to targeted accounts in a scalable and strategic way.

“All of our SDRs have multiple Flows set up in Groove based on each prospect’s industry, persona, and use of complementary technology,” said Greg Larsen, vice president of revenue operations at Lingotek. “Our SDRs also have follow-up Flows that branch off based on the response they get to the initial flows.

“For every Flow, we’re using Groove to A/B test subject lines and CTAs to determine what’s getting traction with certain demographics.”

- Greg Larsen, VP of Revenue Operations at Lingotek

Greg Larsen

Lingotek relies heavily on Groove Flows to reach out to and nurture prospects in a relevant and strategic way. For example, for inbound leads, SDRs will follow up immediately, but if they don’t get an immediate response, the lead is dropped into an email Flow to ensure the lead doesn’t go cold.

“Since switching to Groove, we’ve been able to double the amount of meetings set with the same number of SDRs,” said Greg.

Groove Integrates into AE Workflows to Provide Insight and Scale

Lingotek’s enterprise sales teams are focused on high-ticket deals with large organizations. In addition to closing deals, Lingotek’s AEs are also responsible for handing customer care after the sale. Because AEs are potentially entering into long-term relationships from the very first interaction with a prospect, Lingotek relies on Groove to maintain regular communications with prospects and clients that are both relevant and informed by prior conversations.

“Groove plays an important role in helping us track accounts,” said Greg. “Each of our regions has 50 top accounts, and Groove lets me go in and create lists for each AE and also see what kind of effort and traction is behind penetrating our account lists. Groove gives me a clean view of how many people are in flows, when was our last touch, and how engaged they are - that’s something I’ve never had at that level working with SalesLoft or Outreach in past organizations.”

Lingotek’s AEs are largely 10+ year veteran sales reps who are used to being out in the field versus behind a computer. Historically, AEs were not focused on prospecting, but Lingotek found that Groove would enable AEs to scale their outbound messaging without disrupting their normal workflows and day-to-day activities.

“With Groove, our AEs can send out 150 very targeted and relevant emails in a day - and they don’t have to log into their computer to do it,” said Greg. “Sales leaders can set up the Flows, get the messaging right, and if the AE wants to break into a company, they just drop a few contacts into Flows that have already been tested, and before long they’re seeing results.”

Lingotek’s AEs can quickly review multistep automated Flows

AEs Scale Outbounding by 10X and Generate $3M of Pipeline in 90 Days

This ability to easily add contacts to Flows has enabled Lingotek’s AEs to increase their volume of outbound messaging by 10X. This increase in messages has led to more meetings, which has had an immediate impact on pipeline revenue.

“AEs used to send 100 emails a week, but with Groove they now have the bandwidth to send 1,000,” said Greg.

“In the first 90 days of using Groove, our AEs saw a double-digit increase in meetings set, which translated into more than $3 million in pipeline.”

- Greg Larsen, VP of Revenue Operations at Lingotek

Greg Larsen

With the additional time that AEs have gained from using Groove, Lingotek has also been able generate more revenue by going after more highly targeted accounts.

“I had a list of 200 accounts of prospects who are using a technology that we integrate with and are spending budget with competitors,” said Greg. “I never had the bandwidth to attack that list from an AE perspective, and now we can! Thanks to Groove, we’re starting to get meetings and close deals with those companies.”

Improved Customer Retention with Improved Transparency

Groove also gives Lingotek transparency into account follow-up to make sure customers and prospects aren’t falling through the cracks. This level of insight has enabled AEs to be more targeted in their outbound messaging and also increase customer retention by ensuring that all accounts are receiving regular follow-up. Since implementing Groove, retention rates have increased from 85% to 94%.

“When I first set up Groove, it became very apparent which clients are the most active, which we take the best care of, and which are the most successful,” said Greg. “With Groove’s analytics, we were able to identify a correlation between the amount of communication we have with a client and renewal rates. Armed with that information, we have been able to improve retention rates and customer satisfaction.”

Groove’s Account View lets Lingotek quickly review recent engagement with key contacts

A Complete and Easy-to-Use Solution for Revenue Teams and Full-Cycle Sellers

Groove has also helped Lingotek streamline their process for onboarding new members of its sales team. Lingotek’s industry is very technical, and it can take up to six months for new reps and SDRs to get fully up-to-speed. However, with Groove, Lingotek has created pre-built templates that have enabled reps to ramp up in 1-2 weeks versus months and SDRs to start booking meetings in a day or two.

“Groove has really helped us with onboarding,” said Greg. “With the prebuilt templates we build with Groove, our reps don’t have to be an expert in the field to begin reaching out. And for SDRs, the time to book their first meeting is almost nil. Being able to set a meeting in their first week being here is huge!”

As the only sales engagement solution optimized for full-cycle sellers, Groove provides Lingotek with an all-in-one solution for SDRs, AEs/Customer Success, and Support. By standarding prospect and client communications on Groove, Lingotek is able to maintain relevant and consistent contact with prospects and customers at all times.

“Groove is not considered an SDR tool for our company - it’s a prospecting tool, client nurturing tool, and onboarding platform.”

- Greg Larsen, VP of Revenue Operations at Lingotek

Greg Larsen

“We make sure all communication is planned out in Groove, and then we know it will happen,” said Greg. “Now, instead of checking up on AEs, I can focus my attention on more important initiatives.”

The Result?

Increased pipeline by $3 million in 90 day

2X increase in meetings set

10X increase in client and prospect messaging

11% increase in client retention (85% to 94%)