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Omnicell Boosts Sales Productivity by 50% with 100% Field Seller Adoption

Omnicell case study

100% adoption by field reps boosts seller productivity and gives sales leaders visibility for optimizing performance

The Highlights

Omnicell, a large public health tech company, needed to modernize its sales force to improve productivity and visibility. Omnicell has an established field sales team consisting of hundreds of reps, but management had little insight into their day-to-day performance. The culprit? Activities had to be logged manually, which inevitably led to extremely low Salesforce adoption. To solve these challenges, Omnicell began evaluating the top four sales engagement providers. Groove stood out for the advanced activity capture, ease of use, and flexibility of its Salesforce-native platform, which allowed it to fit seamlessly into their established sales processes. By implementing Groove, Omnicell’s reps can now automatically update Salesforce directly from their email inbox, and sales management has the visibility they need to identify and replicate successful sales processes. In the first quarter with Groove, the number of activities logged in Salesforce exceeded the entire number logged up to that point in the company’s history. 

About Omnicell

Omnicell, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMCL) provides medication and medical supply management solutions for the healthcare industry. The company’s solutions include central pharmacy dispensing, point of care automation, population health, and medication adherence. Founded in 1992, Omnicell Is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and employs more than 4,000 people in nine countries worldwide

The Full Story

As a large public health tech provider, Omnicell relies on hundreds of field sales reps to sell its solutions to healthcare systems and pharmacies worldwide. Omnicell needed to improve the efficiency and visibility of its field sellers but struggled with low Salesforce adoption. The effort required to input sales activities into Salesforce manually was more than most on-the-go reps were willing to do. Without Salesforce adoption, sales leaders didn’t have the visibility they needed to identify and standardize on successful sales practices. 

With a seasoned sales team that was unaccustomed to sales automation technology, Omnicell needed a solution that was easy to adopt and would seamlessly fit into their already established sales processes. When they realized the benefits a sales engagement platform could bring to their sellers and management, they quickly began searching for the best platform to aid in their digital transformation.

Finding the Perfect Fit

With no prior sales engagement platform in place, Omnicell knew that choosing a platform that their sellers could easily adopt and immediately see the value in using was paramount. And, because their sellers spend so much time in the field, capturing activities automatically and making it easy to view and update Salesforce records on the go was their top priority. 

After a thorough evaluation, Omnicell found the other top sales engagement solutions to be a better fit for high-volume inside sales reps, not for enterprise field sellers. They were also concerned about the other providers’ ability to deliver a quality onboarding experience that would enable them to ramp quickly with high adoption across the organization. Omnicell chose Groove for its ease of use, uncluttered UI, and customizable features built for large enterprises and relationship-based sellers.

“We wanted something that could be easily understood and adapted into our existing workflows and processes,” said Stephen Colella, Salesforce Platform Manager at Omnicell.

With Groove’s Omnibar, reps can continue to operate directly out of Outlook without ever logging into Salesforce. -Stephen Colella, Salesforce Platform Manager at Omnicell

Big Results

When they onboarded Groove, Omnicell’s sales reps were excited to see the immediate benefit Groove’s Automated Activity Capture, Meeting Scheduler, and Dialer had on their day-to-day. By eliminating tedious administrative tasks, automating key activities, and streamlining engagement in their daily workflows, Groove enabled their reps to spend more time selling. 

Groove is saving users about 50% of their time versus creating these activities manually in Salesforce. – Stephen Colella, Salesforce Platform Manager at Omnicell  

“We are also seeing a huge increase in the number of activities being logged automatically versus the numbers we saw previously when created manually,” said Stephen. “This gain in time savings is allowing our reps to spend more time with customers and less time on administrative tasks.”

Activity Capture

Within the first quarter of implementing Groove, more activities were logged in Salesforce than all previous activities in the company’s history combined. Before Groove, reps only took the time to log the most significant activities, which amounted to a few hundred per quarter. Groove took that number to 85,000 in one quarter alone. Not only were sales activities, communications, and meetings logged, but there was also a major increase in contacts created with Groove’s automatic contact capture capability. 

“One of the best things about Groove is the ease of activity capture to Salesforce. It seamlessly fits into the team’s current sales process,” said Stephen.

By improving visibility into reps’ activities, Groove is enabling Omnicell’s leadership to better understand the effectiveness of their sales reps and use that data to optimize sales processes and outreach. 

With Groove, we are getting more data in Salesforce, which benefits everyone from management to post-sales, and sales reps.– Stephen Colella, Salesforce Platform Manager at Omnicell

Improved Customer Communications

With Groove’s Online Meeting Scheduler, setting up sales meetings has become a breeze. Instead of countless messages back and forth to find an optimal time for both parties, Omnicell’s reps enable prospects to pick the best time using live data from Microsoft 365. Since adopting Groove’s Online Meeting Scheduler, Omnicell’s reps have been able to book more meetings, faster, and with less effort. Omnicell is also using Groove Flows to scale outreach and connect with customers in a more relevant and personal way. They recently launched a prospect re-engagement campaign which garnered an impressive response rate from prospects who had never engaged with prior outreach. Due to the success of this campaign, Omnicell plans to continue optimizing their sales engagement with Groove Flows.

Award-Winning Customer Support

Groove’s award-winning customer team has also played a role in Omnicell’s sales success. 

“Working with Groove truly feels like a partnership,” said Stephen. “Groove is invested in our success and wants us to get the most out of the platform; whereas with other vendors, our relationship seems transactional. The difference is night and day.”

Working Toward a Better Future Together

Based on the success Omnicell’s sales team has had with Groove, Omnicell plans to roll out the platform to their account management and professional service teams in the near future.

The Results?

  • 100% adoption by field sellers
  • 50% productivity boost from automatic activity capture
  • Exponential increase in activities tracked per quarter (from 500 to 85,000)
  • 100% visibility into engagement with customers and prospects
  • Streamlined meeting scheduling

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