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Case Study

The Highlights

Popular Pays built its business on helping large brands connect with content creators, and they wanted to expand their market to include small and medium-sized businesses as well. In order to successfully do that, they needed to automate time-consuming tasks so that they could service a higher volume of accounts. Popular Pays had been using Yesware to log their emails in Salesforce, but the tool was difficult to manage and unable to scale with the company’s planned growth. After evaluating Groove, Outreach, and SalesLoft, Popular Pays chose Groove for its ease of use, simplified management, inherent data hygiene and accurate sales forecasting. Since moving to Groove, Popular Pays is now booking more meetings, responding to leads faster, and spending 1/10 of the time it takes to administer other sales engagement platforms.

Big Wins

54% increase in booked meetings

Reduced “speed to lead” from 48 hours to 5 minutes

90% decrease in system admin management

4X faster on-ramping, from one month to one week

About Popular Pays

Popular Pays is a creative collaboration software that makes it easy for brands to work with content creators and influencers at any scale. With over 60,000 individuals in its community, Popular Pays connects creators with brands to collaborate on content that’s worth sharing.

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The Full Story

Popular Pays built its business by helping large brands connect with content creators, and they wanted to expand their market to service small and medium sized businesses as well. They had been using Yesware to log emails to Salesforce, but Yesware’s limited dialer functionality, painful system management requirements, and lackluster support led them to evaluate other sales engagement platforms.

“We knew we needed a more advanced sales engagement platform than what we had with Yesware, so we began looking at alternatives,” said Hannah Duncan, Revenue Operations Manager at Popular Pays. “Not only was Groove easy to use, I liked its native integration with Salesforce, which instantly mirrors my Salesforce configurations and makes them available in Groove.”

Superior Salesforce Integration and Management

Implementation with Groove was a lot faster than Hannah expected. She had implemented Outreach at a previous company, and she remembered spending 10 hours a week supporting it and dealing with issues.

“I am administering Groove in 10% of the time that it took me to manage Outreach.”

- Hannah Duncan, Revenue Operations Manager at Popular Pays

Hannah Duncan

“When I rolled out Outreach, I was spending 10 hours a week on integration issues, troubleshooting, and countless hours of training,” said Hannah. “Implementing Groove amounted to just a couple of calls with the team, and on an ongoing basis I am administering Groove in 10% of the time that it took me to manage Outreach.”

Consolidation, Streamlined Data Logging, and Improved Forecasting

Prior to Groove, Popular Pays had to integrate Grasshopper with Yesware to get the dialer functionality it needed. With Groove, Popular Pays was able to consolidate both tools down to one sales engagement platform. Not only did the consolidation make management a lot easier, Groove standardized how data was being logged across email, outbound calling, meeting tracking, and social touchpoints.

Performance Tracking Analytics
Performance tracking and analytics lets management know what’s working and what’s not

“WIth Yesware, activities weren’t being logged into Salesforce in an efficient or effective way,” said Hannah. “Groove keeps activity logging streamlined. For example, I like how Groove will log the number of opens and replies on one activity record, which makes it very clean in Salesforce.”

“Thanks to Groove's streamlined integration with Salesforce, and "update salesforce field" automated actions, we have significantly improved the data integrity, Lead / Contact engagement tracking, and pipeline management process,” said Hannah.

Superior Ease of Use and Support

Thanks to Groove’s ease-of-use and highly responsive customer success team, Popular Pays was able to roll out the platform in record time across multiple teams, including sales, customer success, and executive management - all with minimal training.

“Usually it takes weeks to get people up and running, but we had people using Groove in a matter of days.”

- Hannah Duncan, Revenue Operations Manager at Popular Pays

Hannah Duncan
Access Salesforce records and schedule meetings right from Gmail

Instead of manually logging events in Salesforce, Popular Pays now logs them with Groove’s calendar feature. More importantly, Popular Pays was able to put custom Salesforce fields in the calendar, which gave management visibility into how many demos, proposal reviews, and kick-off calls its reps were having. Being able to drill down into meetings with custom data was a valuable capability that Hannah hadn’t been able to achieve with Yesware or Outreach.

Faster Response Times and More Booked Meetings

Groove is also contributing more to Popular Pays’ bottom line. Since switching to Groove, Popular Pays has been able to streamline its entire lead processing flow, which has led to a big uptick in meetings and conversions due to “speed to lead.”

“In the first weeks of rolling out the new inbound lead process with Groove, we saw a 67% increase in booked meetings.”

- Hannah Duncan, Revenue Operations Manager at Popular Pays

Hannah Duncan

“Before Groove it would take up to 48 hours to get back to people. By automating responses from reps, our speed to lead has gone from 2 days to 5 minutes.”

The Result?

Faster responses and more meetings

Platform administration in 1/10 the time

Easy ramp-up and training

Improved data hygiene and pipeline management