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Sendoso Drives 95%+ Adoption Across Sales and Customer Success Teams

Sendoso video testimonial for Groove

Ease-of-use and advanced activity capture drive cross-functional adoption and sales-marketing alignment.

The Highlights

Sendoso was experiencing the good kind of growing pains. As the leading sending platform on the market, the company was growing at a rate of over 300% a year and rapidly hiring to keep up with accelerating demand. This hyper-growth naturally posed a number of operational challenges, not the least of which was getting a complete picture of every customer touchpoint in Salesforce. Their SDR team was using another sales engagement platform, but their Account Executives and Customer Success Managers found that the platform didn’t make sense for what they needed to do every day. They found a solution in Groove, the only sales engagement platform that is designed for the needs of full-cycle sellers. With Groove, they could automate time-consuming tasks, selectively sync to Salesforce, easily send Sendoso gifts, and surface detailed information about accounts where they need it every day – in the Inbox. As a result, Sendoso has maintained over 95% adoption across their Sales, Partnerships, Customer Success, Account Management, Onboarding, and Solution Architect teams, and closed operational gaps that resulted in airtight sales-marketing alignment.

Big Wins

  • 95% adoption by AEs, AMs, and CSMs
  • 50% open rates for Groove Flow campaigns
  • 100% visibility into sales and customer activities
  • Top reps booking meetings with 10% response rate

About Sendoso

Sendoso, the leading sending platform, is the most effective way for revenue-driving teams to stand out with new ways to engage at strategic points throughout the customer journey. By sending personalized gifts, branded swag, and eGifts at-scale, Sendoso customers see significant time savings per campaign, an increase in conversion rates, and higher retention rates. Founded in 2016, Sendoso is backed by $54M in venture funding and has a global footprint, with a presence in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

The Full Story

Sendoso was scaling at a breakneck pace and needed to give their customer-facing teams a platform that would enable them to provide the same great level of service to a growing number of accounts. They also needed visibility into the activities of their customer-facing teams but didn’t have a viable activity capture solution that their account executives were comfortable using.

The customer success team had its own unique challenges with tracking emails. They had tried using a basic Chrome extension to log emails by automatically bcc-ing messages to Salesforce, but that tactic quickly created major problems.

“The Chrome extension we were using to log emails for CSMs didn’t just miss key activities, its lack of any blacklist features created a huge issue with sensitive internal emails getting logged into Salesforce,” said Alex Miller, Director of Revenue Operations at Sendoso. “The need to find a more reliable and secure activity tracking solution ultimately put us on the path to Groove.”

95% Adoption Across Inside and Field Sales Teams

Groove is a sales engagement platform that improves productivity by automating time-consuming tasks such as email logging, outbound call logging, activity capture, and meeting scheduling without data latency or sync errors. Built for enterprise and mid-market companies, Groove is easy to use and highly configurable. Teams can collaborate on accounts in connected workspaces and admins can configure views and workflows by role or by team.

“Unlike other sales engagement platforms that were built for prospecting, Groove seamlessly aligns with our AE and CSM workflows, making them more efficient and effective in their day-to-day workflows,” said Alex. “Our teams took to it right away, and we’ve subsequently seen 95% percent adoption across our sales and customer success teams. As a result, not only are our reps more effective, but we have complete visibility into pre- and post-sales activities for every prospect, customer, and partner account in Salesforce.”

Because Groove is native to Salesforce, it can also be managed in a fraction of the time of other sales engagement platforms. This, combined with award-winning support, has made Groove popular with Sendoso’s Revenue Operations team as well.

It’s been super easy getting our team up and running on Groove. We definitely feel supported with Groove, and I can’t say that about every vendor. -Alex Miller, Director of Revenue Operations at Sendoso

Bringing Sendoso Into the Inbox with Groove’s Enhanced Integration

Groove also makes it possible for reps to send Sendoso gifts without ever leaving their inbox. Key features of Groove’s integration include the ability to execute Sendoso steps through Groove Actions and to send a Sendoso gift after a meeting is booked through Groove Scheduler.

Sendoso’s Customer Success team recently leveraged this integration to add gifting to a targeted reactivation campaign that resulted in a 50% open rate and 21% conversion rate for booked meetings. According to Miller, Sendoso’s AEs are also using Groove to do their own prospecting and book meetings with a 10% response rate.

“Our AEs love that they can now live in Gmail instead of a separate app and still have Salesforce data at their fingertips and add contacts with a single click,” said Miler. “Whether an AE needs to jumpstart a stalled deal or a CSM needs to ensure a customer shows up for a meeting, Groove lets them easily send out a Sendoso-powered gift without ever leaving their workflow.”

Big Wins for Customer Success

Groove has transformed how Sendoso’s Customer Success Managers interact with their customers, making them more responsive, effective, and productive. Sendoso is even using Groove to accelerate the on-ramping of new CSMs.

“CSMs quickly discovered that they could use Groove to create templated responses to common questions fielded throughout the customer lifecycle,” said Alex. “Being able to access these quick-reply templates right from their Gmail hasn’t just been a big productivity booster, it’s also provided a way for new CSMs to hit the ground running.”

Sendoso is also using Groove to help onramp new CSMs by enabling them to easily schedule customer meetings that automatically pull in their manager or other internal team members, such as an Onboarding Specialist or Solutions Architect.

Groove’s online scheduling functionality hasn’t just helped with on-ramping, it’s had a big impact on productivity.

“Before Groove, we had a mishmash of calendar tools that some customer success managers had adopted informally to help schedule customer meetings, but there were two problems with that: calendar events weren’t being tracked in Salesforce, and there was no standardized way to train or share best practices,” said Egan Callahan, Manager of Customer Success at Sendoso. “Thanks to Groove Scheduler, our CSMs can now streamline and track the meetings they set with one unified tool that’s actually integrated into their Gmail and Google Calendar.”

The productivity improvements from the Groove Scheduler, Flows, and Omnibar are saving CSMs at least an hour a day.”Egan Callahan, Manager of Customer Success at Sendoso

Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

One of the major benefits that Sendoso has achieved with Groove is alignment between Sales and Marketing. Prior to Groove, Marketing was spending a lot of time manually sending out copy for follow-up communications related to events and other campaigns. And once these sales plays were sent out, Marketing had no way to tell if AEs or CSMs were following-up.

Now, Marketing uses Groove to create shared email templates and Flows for all event and campaign follow-up. This process enables Marketing to approve all sales messaging and provides management with needed visibility into the activity and performance of new sales playbooks.

“Groove gives Marketing the ability to efficiently manage and roll-out sales plays and hold teams accountable for follow up,” said Alex. “Instead of spending hours providing AEs and CSMs with approved messaging, they can now do it in a click or two.”

The platform has been so transformative for Sendoso’s GTM team, that now their partnerships and executive teams use it as well to selectively sync valuable activity data to Salesforce, providing the company with a comprehensive, real-time view into the health of their business at all times.

The Results?

  • 95% adoption by AEs, AMs, and CSMs
  • 50% open rates for Groove Flow campaigns
  • 100% visibility into sales and customer activities
  • Top reps booking meetings with 10% response rate
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