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Case Study

The Highlights

Zego is a mobile-centric engagement platform for property managers and residents. After selecting Outreach as their sales engagement platform for lead development representatives (LDRs), Zego planned to also migrate Zego's account executives from Cirrus Insight to Outreach. However, they quickly ran into Salesforce sync issues, which was further complicated by an unresponsive support team. These issues escalated to a point where Zego decided to investigate alternatives and discovered Groove. With Groove, Zego was able to get both teams up and running in less than two weeks, eliminate their Salesforce sync issues, and reduce the amount of time that it takes to administer their sales engagement platform by 80%.

Big Wins

AEs saved 5 hours per week by not having to research sync issues

Reduced time to administer platform by 80%

Eliminated sync errors while supporting their unique business requirements

On-ramped AE and LDR teams in 10 days

About Zego

Zego is a property technology company that frees management companies and community associations to go above and beyond for residents. Currently, more than 6,000 customers use Zego’s mobile-centric engagement platform to serve 12 million residents and process $15 billion in payments every year.

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The Full Story

When Paylease acquired Zego in 2019, the combined company adopted the Zego brand and evolved into a property technology innovator - helping more than 6,000 property management companies, HOAs, real estate developers, and other customers serve more than 12 million residents and process $15 billion in payments each year. With its mobile-centric engagement platform and innovative approach, Zego helps real estate communities engage with residents more efficiently and effectively.

Overcoming Sales Challenges that Were Out of Reach and Out of Sync

Zego’s sales team consists of lead development representatives (LDRs) and account executives (AEs) who are responsible for engaging prospects across a diverse group of real estate professionals.

Zego’s sales team was using Cirrus Insight to log emails and activities in Salesforce and decided to bring on Outreach to provide their LDRs with more robust sales engagement capabilities. However, it became clear that Outreach was unable to accommodate its unique data requirements - despite continuous reassurances from Outreach’s support team. To make matters worse, persistent Salesforce sync errors meant that Zego had to engage Outreach on a weekly basis in a futile effort to get them resolved.

Originally, Zego had planned to migrate its account executives onto Outreach as well, but with the persistent sync errors and support issues that they were experiencing with an eight-person LDR team, full sales team expansion simply didn’t make sense. This led Josh Garman, senior systems administrator at Zego, to start looking into alternative sales engagement platforms.

“It was taking 5 to 6 hours a month of my time to try and resolve our Salesforce sync issues with Outreach.”

- Josh Garman, Senior Systems Administrator at Zego

Josh Garman

“The last thing I wanted to do was to roll it out to an even more demanding team of 20+ AEs.”

Groove’s Native Salesforce Integration Eliminated Sync Errors

Josh was intrigued by Groove because of its inherently different architecture, which would eliminate the sync errors that he was experiencing with Outreach. With Groove, Zego’s sales, LDR, and revenue operations teams gained back hours they used to have to spend each week on workarounds for data that didn’t get synced properly with Outreach.

“A lot of people don't realize that when you have Outreach, SalesLoft or almost any other sales engagement platform, you’re agreeing to have them create a copy of your Salesforce database that you then have to sync on a regular basis,” said Josh. “Because Groove sits on top of Salesforce, there is no need to sync between a secondary database - and that has proved to be incredibly valuable to us.”

Zego staff visiting one its many property management customers

Flexibility to Support Every Revenue Function

Groove’s ability to support multiple roles was also a strong selling point for Zego. With one platform, Zego is able to provide tailored sales engagement capabilities to its LDRs, AEs, and account managers. This enables Zego to save even more hours that they can invest in growing and scaling the business.

With Groove, Zego’s lead development representatives have all of the powerful prospecting capabilities that they need, from auto-dialers and calendaring to personalized message cadences. Similarly, AEs have an easy-to-use solution that allows them to access all of Zego’s rich Salesforce data right from Gmail, where they spend most of their time. Account managers can view things like account health and renewal timing right from their Inbox. And across all of it, every activity is automatically logged into Salesforce to ensure more accurate reporting, forecasting, and analytics.

“With Groove, we have the functionality we need for our LDRs and sellers, but the core platform also allows us to expand its use to any other team that needs activity integration with Salesforce.”

- Josh Garman, Senior Systems Administrator at Zego

Josh Garman

“Now I’m administering one platform that everyone can use. Plus, Groove is so much cleaner and easier-to-use that new team members can quickly learn it and start executing, making onboarding a breeze.”

Reps can create multi-step flows and collaborate with other teams

Superior Ease of Use and Support

Groove has been so easy to use that Zego has rapidly expanded its licence count and now has more than 70 users on Groove. Transitioning their revenue teams to Groove was even easier than Josh expected. The quality of support that Zego receives has also improved significantly after switching to Groove.

“One of the biggest differences that we’ve seen with Groove beyond their Salesforce integration is the quality of their support.”

- Josh Garman, Senior Systems Administrator at Zego

Josh Garman

“Our experience with Outreach’s support and success teams was not up to par. We went through multiple CSMs and then we had to hire outside consultants to try and solve our issues when they couldn’t. The support that we’ve received from Groove has been truly phenomenal.”

The Result?

With Groove, Zego has an easy-to-use, reliable sales engagement platform that can be customized to meet the unique needs of Zego’s business processes and revenue teams. Want to hear about it in Josh’s own words? Watch the Zego video testimonial

10-day implementation and roll-out with rapid adoption

Sellers have more time to sell vs. dealing with sync issues

Accurate, real-time data translates to accurate reports and forecasting

Superior, highly responsive customer service