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“Since rolling out Groove, we’ve seen the average production, or gross margin, of our reps increase by 83%.”

Mitch Thomas | Sales Enablement Manager


Empowering 70,000 Salesforce users to
build stronger relationships and accelerate revenue

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Increase in productivity


Increase in pipeline coverage


Flow steps per year

The ability to create Flows for specific needs is a massive win for ease and efficiency. Every second you tack on to add an old fashioned step adds up! Time is money, and Groove is helping me make that $$ back.

Glee Corsetti Strategic Growth Partner

“Groove is a game changer for LexisNexis. Groove’s elegant and powerful platform makes it easy to use and train, which is extremely important when you have 1,000 users."

Anthony Enrico Senior Director of Sales Operations

Adoption by AEs, AMs, and CSMs


Open rates for Groove Flow campaigns


Visibility into sales and customer activities

“Groove makes it easy for me to spend my time actually sending emails or making calls rather than planning who to contact.”

David Robinson Digital Transformation Consultant

Increase in email activity tracked in Salesforce


Adoption by sales team


Increase in booked meetings tracked in Salesforce

“Groove is the easiest sales tech platform that I’ve ever had to manage. Too many vendors are making it hard to adopt tech. Groove really stands out by bringing the focus back on the AE.”

Kishen Mistry Director of Global Sales Strategy and Technology

Efficiency gain in


Increase in
number of
activities tracked


Adoption among
AE, SDR, and
Renewal teams

“We are giving reps structure and tools to be more efficient without taking away creativity. We're setting more meetings with Groove and freeing up more of our reps’ time to be spending with customers.”

Mitch Thomas Sales Enablement Manager

Increase in booked meetings


Decrease in speed to lead (48 hrs to 5 mins)


Decrease in system admin management

"A simple interface and ease of use combined with a powerful ability to surface just the right SFDC details in Gmail through easily customized queries...An impressive app with much greater concern for security than one sees with many apps."

Scott Fletcher Senior Program Manager

“Groove is more than a sales engagement platform, it’s an informational
bridge between the Salesforce and Google ecosystems.
With Groove, our sales teams can access real-time account history
and update Salesforce without leaving their inboxes, which saves them
time and increases their effectiveness.”

Jason Shinn CIO

Of workday freed up from data entry


20% increase in opportunity


of support cases streamlined daily

“As as a result of using Groove, I've seen my sales increase, and I don't know how I could do my job to my full ability without it.”

Mitch Small Strategic Account Executive

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