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Internet software & services

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Build.com needed better lead coverage and a way to educate customers about their full line of products.
“We have seen a big lift in the number of touchpoints that our reps are able to make with our customers. That’s a win across the board.”
- Mike Janke, Director of Pro Sales at Build.com
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“I am consistently in my inbox and before Groove it was a pain to have to open and connect to Salesforce to find the contact tied to the lead or opportunity. With Groove, I can easily see everything that the Lead or Opportunity has so I can quickly respond to the client and close the deal faster!”
- Brett Ponton, Inside Sales Associate
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“This extension is a "Game Changer" in time and effort. I and my sales staff don't have to do double entry between email and SFDC applications. And, having access to the sales history and templates from SFDC to Gmail is awesome! This a fantastic time saver.”
- Mark Damjan, Managing Member
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“Groove makes it so easy for our team to work seamlessly between Gmail, Google Calendar and Salesforce... Creating a lead in Gmail, access to templates, and allowing contacts to schedule a time on an individual’s calendar take it from good to great.”
- Jessica Carstens, Marketing and Operations Manager
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HotSchedules was looking for a solution that would help them better execute an account-based sales strategy.
“I am a better rep, teammate, and consultant to my prospects because of Groove.”
- Sabrina Duren, Regional Sales Executive at HotSchedules
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Trader Interactive needed a way make sense a large volume of support emails, and equipping their sales team with productivity tools was an added bonus.
“Flow is saving them each a ton of time. And they can see who is opening their email and they are taking action on that right away. That’s a huge time saver.”
- Bridgett Cherry, CRM Manager at Dominion Web Solutions
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“When using Gmail and Salesforce Groove really does make it feel like one smooth experience. No more copying and pasting from Gmail to Salesforce...Our number one goal with Groove is consistency and accountability”
- Jason Munk, Strategic Account Manager

Professional Services

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“Support is the best I have ever experienced. They took the time to make it work for our needs...They taught us how it works rather than just fixing it, which I appreciate. Prompt replies and actual solutions. Highly recommend you try it out.”
- Charles Rogler, Operations Director
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“Groove is great. The product is stable, mature, and feature-rich. It saves our team so much time and gives us actionable information in our inbox without having to go digging for it in Salesforce. And their support department is top-notch too. Very helpful. I would give it 6 stars if I could.”
- Brandon Fancher, Client Liaison


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“Time is valuable and Groove has given us much more time to maximize our efficiency.”
- Kelly Dahlin, Bethel University.
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“Groove has been a great addition to our area. Our officers love the instant connection to data. The potential for this product is limitless...I have found support to be quick and concerned. This is a huge plus for third party software.”
- Bob Rickards, Director of Advancement Services

On average, our customers report:

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5-10 hours

saved on data entry each week

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of incoming leads contacted immediately

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25% increase

in revenue


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