Groove for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Groove for Salesforce® Financial Services Cloud

“82% of salespeople in Financial Services say that their digital transformation has accelerated since 2019.”

- Salesforce State of Sales 2020 report

Accelerate Digital Transformation in a Digital-First World

The COVID-19 pandemic is fueling this trend, as banks and wealth management advisors look to quickly transform their old way of doing business into a digital-first world, with fewer in-person meetings, fewer branches, and fewer retail locations.

Capital One Bank

“Before COVID-19, a lot of sales reps avoided using Salesforce. But once Congress approved the SBA Paycheck Protection Program, there were so many details to track for our business clients, that they had to start using it. We simultaneously saw strong adoption of Groove, as reps quickly saw how much easier it was to access Salesforce data right from their email.”

Andy Nil, VP, Application Development

Build Lasting Relationships, Remotely or In-Person

When integrating Groove with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Relationship Managers and Financial Advisors can deliver personalized advice at scale across any channel or device, surfacing real-time CRM information in the inbox.

Automatically keep Salesforce up-to-date with all emails, calls and LinkedIn interactions, while using automation to stay on top of less active accounts.

Sales management benefits from real-time visibility into activity levels and outcomes, instantly logging emails, calls, SMS messages, and LinkedIn correspondence to custom objects and industry-specific workflows.

Quickly Realize Time to Value Without a Heavy IT Lift

Groove offers the only sales engagement platform that is pre-configured to work with the unique data model of Salesforce Financial Services Industry Cloud.

Selectively sync to custom fields and objects modeling financial accounts, assets, liabilities, and goals for both individual clients and across entire households.

IT teams no longer have to spend time and money customizing their sales engagement platform to speak the language of their firm.

Keep Your Sensitive Client Data Secure

Ensure that sensitive client data remains secure by reducing the need to sync sensitive PII with a third-party database.

Groove maintains Salesforce as your database of record and prevents rogue users from mailing to outside contacts and lists.

Groove is compliant with global privacy laws, including SOC-2 GDPR, and CCPA. Learn More

Capital One Bank

“Groove has changed my business! Anyone in sales knows that logging information is the last thing that we are worried about. Groove has allowed me to become so much more productive during my day.”

Whitney Linder, VP of Commercial Card