Industry Solutions

Modernize Your Sales Technology to Excel in a Disrupted World

Groove is a unified sales productivity platform that integrates seamlessly into industry-specific workflows, unlocking the productivity benefits of automation with the insights needed to solve customer problems in real-time.

Groove sales engagement platform for vertical industries

We currently serve over 30 different industries
and are deployed across 167 countries globally.
Here are a few of our top verticals:

Groove for Business Services - Orange

Business Services

Increase Billable Hours and Client Satisfaction

Book more client engagements and increase retention and expansion.

Groove for Financial Services - Orange

Financial Services

Empower the Modern Seller

Accelerate sales productivity and build lasting relationships in a digital-first world.

Sales engagement for healthcare

Healthcare & Biotech

Increase Visibility and Drive Better Sales Outcomes

Modernize your sales process with the highest levels of security and compliance.

Women in education - sales engagement platform

Higher Education

Recruit, Engage, and Advise Students Remotely

Manage a high-volume of student communications without any details slipping through the cracks.

Groove sales engagement platform for marketing and advertising companies

Marketing & Advertising

Unblock Your Reps and Remove Revenue Bottlenecks

Accelerate rep productivity, increase client satisfaction and grow your account base.

Groove for Real Estate

Real Estate

Expand Your Client Base and Maximize Commissions

Reach more customers with less effort, and never let a deal fall through the cracks.



Build a High-Performance GTM Revenue Engine

Align all of your customer-facing teams on a platform that delivers sustainable, repeatable growth.

Ready to operate at peak performance?