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Manage a high-volume of student communications without details slipping through the cracks.

Groove sales engagement platform for higher education

Over 800 Higher Education institutions use Salesforce.
Groove is the sales engagement platform of choice for these leading organizations.

Groove sales engagement platform for higher education
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George Washington University relies on Groove sales engagement platform
Bethel University relies on Groove sales engagement platform
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The world of higher education has changed dramatically post COVID-19. Admissions counselors and academic advisors are in a constantly shifting world, and yet they still need to deliver on their goals. This new world requires a platform that automates time consuming tasks so recruiting and retention teams can re-allocate up to 50% of their time towards higher-value activities.

Groove sales engagement platform for higher education

Engaging Students Post COVID-19 Requires a New Approach

  • Track Emails, Calls, Meetings, and Activities
  • Automate Meeting Scheduling
  • Auto-Dial and Log Calls to Salesforce
  • Send Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Standardize Email and Call Scripts; Guide Interactions
  • Streamline Workflows and Prioritize Tasks
  • Search and Update Salesforce from your Inbox
  • Research on LinkedIn from your Inbox
  • Real-Time Visibility into Activities, Accounts, and Pipeline Health

“All of the Groove staff I have worked with have been beyond helpful in my work with them, and the product has increased my team's productivity by 45%!”

Bruce Recht Admissions Counselor

Why Choose Groove?

Easy to Use

Give users 20% of their time back to use for higher-value activities.

Easy to Manage

Reduce administrative overhead by 90% with Groove’s native Salesforce integration.

Built for Teams

Align cross-functional workflows and drive more revenue with a platform users will love.

“I've used similar sales engagement platforms before, but none compare to Groove. Groove Flows makes it so much easier to prospect and create your own email and call campaigns!"

Michaela McClusky Corporate Sales Team Lead

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