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Unblock Your Reps and Remove Revenue Bottlenecks

Accelerate rep productivity, increase client satisfaction, and grow your account base.

Groove sales engagement platform for marketing and advertising companies

Groove is the sales productivity platform of choice
for these leading marketing and advertising companies

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Give your AEs and account managers a competitive advantage by letting them do what they do best – be creative and sell. Automate workflows and ensure that leads or future follow-ups never slip through the cracks.


Increase in
booked meetings


Inbound lead response went
from 2 days to 5 min


Faster on-ramping
than similar platforms

Sales engagement platform for marketing and advertising professionals

Groove Sales Productivity Platform

Automate non-sales activities so reps can spend more time building relationships and closing deals

  • Track Emails, Calls, Meetings and Activities
  • Send Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Streamline Workflows and Prioritize Tasks
  • Search and Update Salesforce from your Inbox
  • Research on LinkedIn from your Inbox
  • Auto-Dial and Log Calls to Salesforce
  • Automate Meeting Scheduling
  • Standardize Email and Call Scripts; Guide Selling
  • Real-Time Visibility into Activities, Accounts, and Pipeline Health

“Groove is a fantastic resource for my organization. The ability to track and measure engagement with emails has completely changed how my team is selling. We love using Groove!”

Matthew Bernstein Account Executive

Why Choose Groove?

Easy to Use

Give reps 20% of their time back to use for higher-value activities that drive results.

Easy to Manage

Reduce administrative overhead by 90% with Groove’s native
Salesforce integration.

Built for Teams

Align workflows and drive more revenue with a platform that AEs and account managers will love.

“Groove has allowed me to better engage with my clients, send them proactive content constantly while saving time.”

Lizbeth Finn Account Manager

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