Build a High-Performance GTM Revenue Engine

Align all of your customer-facing teams on a sales productivity platform that delivers sustainable, repeatable growth.

Sales engagement platform for technology companies

Groove is the sales productivity platform of choice
for enterprise technology companies


Whereas most sales engagement and productivity platforms originated as prospecting tools, Groove was founded by former sales leaders at Google
to meet the unique needs of sellers at large enterprises.


Increase in productivity


Increase in
pipeline coverage


Flow steps
per year

Groove Sales Productivity Platform

Automate non-sales activities so reps can spend more time generating revenue

  • Track Emails, Calls, Meetings and Activities
  • Send Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Streamline Workflows and Prioritize Tasks
  • Search and Update Salesforce from your Inbox
  • Research on LinkedIn from your Inbox
  • Auto-Dial and Log Calls to Salesforce
  • Automate Meeting Scheduling
  • Standardize Email and Call Scripts; Guide Selling
  • Real-Time Visibility into Activities, Accounts, and Pipeline Health

“Groove’s ease of use is far superior to the competition.
I've had the opportunity to use a number of these email automation
and cadence tools and could not be more impressed by Groove.”

Sean Fox Account Executive

Why Choose Groove?

Easy to Use

Give reps 20% of their time back to use for higher-value activities that drive results.

Easy to Manage

Reduce administrative overhead by 90% with Groove’s native
Salesforce integration.

Built for Teams

Align workflows and drive more revenue with a platform that your team will love.

Groove Sales Engagement Platform for Entire Revenue Teams

Built for Entire Revenue Teams

Centralize all of your revenue-generating functions on one highly configurable platform. Each team only sees the information that they need to build stronger, more meaningful relationships.

  • Break down silos and build a tech stack that is fast, versatile and aligned
  • Provide sellers with a toolset that delivers true value in their day-to-day operations
  • Solve the sales engagement usability challenge, making it easy for different teams and divisions to adopt

“With Groove, our sales teams have an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use
platform that they love to use every day. Now our reps have everything
they need for an opportunity without ever leaving their inbox.”

Caroline Holt EVP of Sales Enablement

Experience the power of connected sales execution