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Send InMail and connection requests directly from multi-step campaigns within Groove

InMail Multi-Step Campaigns InMail Multi-Step Campaigns

Groove allows you to create multi-step campaigns to communicate with prospects and track their engagement through Groove Flow. Along with your personalized email and targeted phone call steps, you can also add connection requests and InMail messages as actions within your multi-step campaigns via our integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Integration Screenshot

Key benefits:

  • Bring all of your sales engagement — phone, email, LinkedIn Sales Navigator — into one place
  • Save time by sending InMail and connection requests directly within Groove, without switching browser tabs
  • Use message templates you’ve already saved in Groove as a starting point for InMail
  • Access a prospect’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile from the Groove Omnibar so you can customize your messages without leaving Groove

Get started with Sales Navigator for Groove

Already a Groove and Sales Navigator Customer?

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration can be enabled or disabled by an account administrator, by following the instructions here.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator enabled for your Groove account, you will be able to use these integrated features:

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Profiles in your Omnibar
  2. Send InMail via LinkedIn Sales Navigator from within your Groove Flows
  3. Connect via LinkedIn Sales Navigator from within your Groove Flows

Note: In order to start sending InMail and connection requests from Groove Flow, you’ll need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise License.

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