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Together, we all succeed

Our partner program offers benefits based on our mutual business successes

groove sales engagement platform
Email, Calendar & Activity Tracking

Build customer trust

Leverage the leading sales engagement, automatic activity data capture, and productivity solution for salesforce adoption and acceleration.

Sales Intelligence Dashboard

Accelerate adoption of Salesforce and Industry Cloud

Streamlining workflows with Groove’s easy-to-use email UI, and flows solutions.

Groove for Real Estate

Lead your customers’ progress

Leverage Groove for successful implementations, and ongoing success.

Other reasons to choose Groove

Salesforce Integration Image

Native Salesforce Integration

Groove’s architecture is inherently different
than other sales engagement platforms,
resulting in better data hygiene and
streamlined administration.

Security Image

Industry-Leading Security

Groove maintains Salesforce as the
system of record, lowering compliance risk and
ensuring that your sensitive customer
data remains secure.

“Groove is more than a sales engagement platform, it’s an informational
bridge between the Salesforce and Google ecosystems.
With Groove, our sales teams can access real-time account history
and update Salesforce without leaving their inboxes, which saves them
time and increases their effectiveness.”

Jason Shinn CIO

Ready to supercharge your Salesforce?