Extend the Value of Your Salesforce Investment

Groove integrates with more than 4,000 apps through the Salesforce AppExchange. Here are a few of our key partners and direct integrations.

“Groove’s integration with Google and Salesforce is seamless. Other platforms don't give you the same depth with Salesforce that you get with Groove.”

Asa Kelly Sales Operations
Groove partner - salesforce

Salesforce Integration

Groove is the only sales engagement platform that is built on, offering many distinct advantages over competing platforms. Our customers benefit form ease-of-use, streamlined administration, accurate real-time data and lower compliance risk.

Groove partner - google

Google Workspace Integration

Groove integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace for email and calendar integration and offers a Chrome extension for both Google and Microsoft 365.

Groove partner - microsoft

Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft 365 integration brings Salesforce and LinkedIn data into Outlook and ensures all relevant email and calendar activities are tracked in real-time.

Groove partner - linkedin Sales navigator logo

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

As a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) partner, Groove has developed a deep integration that makes it easy for reps to leverage the power of LinkedIn from their existing workflows.

Groove partner - highspot

Highspot Integration

Groove’s HighSpot integration lets reps take advantage of AI-driven content recommendations to easily find and insert any Highspot content directly into Groove templates and automated, multi-step Flows.

Groove partner - seismic

Seismic Integration

Groove’s Seismic integration enables customers to seamlessly integrate LiveSend Links and collateral from Seismic into 1:1 emails, templates and Flows sent through Groove.

Groove partner - sendoso

Sendoso Integration

Groove’s Sendoso integration enables users to better engage prospects and customers with personalized gifts, eGifts, direct mail, AirBnB experiences, and celebrity greetings that are easily added as touches within your multi-channel campaigns and account-based marketing programs.

Groove partner - vidyard

Vidyard Integration

Groove’s direct integration with Vidyard allows reps to easily add videos into Groove templates and incorporate them into multi-step Groove Flows for more personalized and impactful communications.

Zoom logo - white

Zoom Integration

Groove’s seamless integration with Zoom enables Groove Scheduler users to automatically generate a unique Zoom meeting link every time a meeting is booked.

If you are interested in becoming a Groove partner, contact us today.