Improve Sales Outcomes by 2X with Real-Time, Accurate Data

Gain insight into your team's overall performance and what activities, Flows, templates, and more are generating the highest levels of interaction with customers and prospects. Groove’s Salesforce-native architecture ensures access to comprehensive real-time data for accurate reporting and forecasting.

Groove Analytics

“Groove has been and will always be an essential tool for our sales team at Uber for Business, It gives great valuable insights right under your fingertips about your reachability and marketing campaigns efficiency.”

Mohamed Abdelgawad Business Development Manager
Groove Insights Feature for Salesforce Reports

Groove Insights

Manage your team performance and make better business decisions with an advanced reporting suite for Salesforce that leverages real-time activity and engagement data from Groove.

  • Combine comprehensive activity and engagement data with all other Salesforce data sources to build a complete picture of revenue performance
  • Empower Operations with critical insights into key accounts, top-performing activities, and at-risk opportunities
  • Leverage your specific instance configuration to deliver a reporting experience that’s unique to your business
  • Install nearly two dozen pre-configured Salesforce reports, layouts, and features out-of-the-box in a single click

Groove Outcomes

Optimize and accelerate revenue performance around key metrics by drilling down into key areas to uncover what’s working and what’s not.

  • Identify steps that successfully advance prospects to the next stage and which cause them to lose interest
  • Drill down into rep-level performance across accounts and opportunities generated by stage, number of flow step completed on time, the amount and outcome of meetings booked, and more
  • Understand which accounts have received specific messaging, and their level of engagement
Enhanced ROI Reporting - Revenue Intelligence

Enhanced ROI Reporting

Ensure proper attribution and reporting by associating Groove Flows to existing Salesforce campaigns and hierarchies.

  • Understand Flow performance and ROI at the Individual and Team level by tying it back to Opportunities and revenue in Salesforce
  • Easily track ROI back to each Flow, including number of converted prospects, the number of value of all opportunities, and much more
  • Quickly access a Salesforce campaign associated with a Flow or retroactively create a campaign for an active Flow
  • Understand which Flows are driving results through the customer journey and optimize efforts across teams to drive even more opportunities

“With Groove, our AEs, AMs, and SDRs have an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use platform that they love to use every day. After implementing Groove, our Salesforce data hygiene improved overnight.”

Caroline Holt EVP of Revenue Enablement

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