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Auto-Dial and Log Calls to Salesforce

Spend less time calling and more time talking. Be more productive, optimize every call with performance data, and generate better outcomes.

Auto-Dial and Log Calls to Salesforce

"Dialing technology enables reps to dial an average of 48% more prospects daily."

Sales Development Metrics & Comp Report The Bridge Group
Click-to-Call Sales Dialer


Say “goodbye” to manual dialing and wrong numbers with Groove Dialer.

  • Start any call with one click from your inbox or Salesforce
  • Dial and log calls directly from Salesforce List Views, Reports and Lead/Contact pages
  • Quickly move through call steps without clicking the call button every time
  • Record each call and be automatically notified if the number requires consent from the recipient
Local Presence Calling

Local Presence Calling

Boost your connect rates by over 50% by having your calls come from a number prospects will recognize.

  • Easily toggle Local Dialing on or off right from the dial screen
  • Enable recipients to call you back at the local number you originally called them on
  • Provision numbers directly through Groove; no third-party contracts required
SMS sales dialer


Send SMS messages from your computer and receive real-time notifications of incoming messages.

  • Click phone numbers to send SMS and MMS messages from your inbox, Salesforce, or Groove app
  • Use SMS templates with merge fields to personalize your messages
  • Receive email notifications when prospects respond to your texts
  • View a list of all your SMS conversations and quickly respond or drill down into message details
Auto-Logging sales calls to Salesforce


Automatically log calls, notes, and SMS messages to Salesforce

  • All messages sent or received are automatically logged back to the Salesforce contact or lead associated with the number
  • Log all aspects of the message, including call notes, outcomes, and next steps
Voicemail Drop

Voicemail Drop

Save up to an hour a day with pre-recorded voicemail messages.

  • Automatically drop pre-recorded messages into voicemail boxes and move onto the next call
  • Easily switch between multiple pre-recorded messages to customize the voicemail based on the recipient

“Being able to coach sales calls remotely with Groove Dialer is a huge win. We're also able to manage and help our reps prioritize their day by identifying high-value conversations.”

Reese Rogers CRM Analyst

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