Sales Engagement Platform

Multi-Channel Campaign Automation

Engage every prospect, nurture every lead, and respond to every inquiry. Easily create automated multi-step, multi-channel Flows that allow your reps to scale in a personalized and relevant way.

Multi-Channel Campaign Automation

“Automating administrative or lower-value tasks with sales engagement automation accounts for 65% of the benefits achieved through sales engagement modernization.”

Forrester Research, Building the Business Case for a Modern Sales Enablement Toolset
Automated Campaign Flows

Automated Flows

Create multi-step, multi-channel campaigns that can be personalized using any field or attribute in Salesforce. 

  • Set-up multi-step Flows across email, calls, SMS, and more
  • Drive higher engagement by leveraging AI to determine the optimal time to send emails
  • Execute flow actions directly from within Gmail, Microsoft 365, or Salesforce
  • Use Templates to communicate with multiple accounts at once, re-using high-performing content
  • Automatically add contacts to different flows, update opportunities, and conduct other automated workflows using Automated Actions
A/B Testing for Sales Campaigns

A/B Testing

Identify which Flows work best and which need fine-tuning with easy-to-use A/B testing. 

  • Conduct tests across templates and subject lines
  • Test multiple template variations in one test
  • See engagement metrics at both the account and individual level
  • View detailed analytics and Flow performance for all A/B tests
Sales Activity Tracker

Speed to Lead

Significantly boost your meeting rates by reducing your speed-to-lead down to seconds.

  • Automatically import new leads into a Flow to immediately respond with highly personalized touches
  • Account Inferred Status enables you to automatically change Lead Status when a meeting is booked

“In the first 90 days of using Groove, our AEs saw a double-digit increase in meetings set, which translated into more than $3 million in pipeline.”

Greg Larsen Vice President of Revenue Operations

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