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Boost Quota Attainment by 63% with Campaign Automation

Engage every prospect, nurture every lead, and respond to every inquiry. Easily create automated multi-step, multi-channel Flows that allow your reps to scale in a personalized and relevant way.

Multi-Channel Campaign Automation

“The hours and hours that Groove saves our reps every day easily adds up to millions of dollars in efficiency gains.”

Matthew Mullin Senior Director of Global Marketing Operations & Technology
Automated Campaign Flows

Multi-Channel Sequences

Scale your sales outreach with multi-step, multi-channel campaigns that can be personalized using any field or attribute in Salesforce. 

  • Set-up multi-step Flows across email, calls, SMS, and more
  • Drive higher engagement by leveraging AI to determine the optimal time to send emails
  • Execute flow actions directly from within Gmail, Microsoft 365, or Salesforce
  • Use Templates to communicate with multiple accounts at once, re-using high-performing content
A/B Testing for Sales Campaigns

A/B Testing

Identify which Flows work best and which need fine-tuning with easy-to-use A/B testing. 

  • Conduct tests across templates and subject lines
  • Test multiple template variations in one test
  • See engagement metrics at both the account and individual level
  • View detailed analytics and Flow performance for all A/B tests

Workflow Automation

Boost productivity and remove friction from seller workflows by setting up triggers that automatically execute critical and time-sensitive actions.

  • Reduce speed-to-lead, trigger opportunity updates, and conduct other powerful automated workflows based on Salesforce data
  • Automatically import people from Salesforce reports into messaging Flows for fast, easy routing – for example, automatically import new leads into a Flow to immediately respond with highly personalized touches
  • Trigger powerful automations on custom fields unique to your business – for example, use Account Inferred Status to automatically change Lead Status when a meeting is booked
Sales Activity Tracker

Inbound Lead Routing

Automatically route inbound leads to the right reps and messaging based on real-time Salesforce data to improve speed-to-lead.

  • Route inbound leads to the correct reps without manual intervention
  • Kick off automated messaging Flows based on routing rules and triggers
  • Distribute new leads evenly to groups of reps with Round Robin functionality

"The ability to create Flows for specific needs is a massive win for ease and efficiency. Every second you tack on to add an old fashioned step adds up! Time is money, and Groove is helping me make that $$ back."

Glee Corsetti Strategic Growth Partner

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