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Revenue Intelligence

Track 5X More Activities

Gain complete transparency between reps, managers, and ops with the most advanced activity capture in the industry. Rely on real-time Salesforce reporting, collaborate on account lists, understand the full buying committee, and run live, interactive pipeline reviews.

Sales Engagement Platform - Revenue Intelligence

“Instead of spending time logging activities and setting up tasks, our reps are focused on personalizing and engaging with their prospects. Thanks to Groove, we’ve seen a huge uptick in intro calls pipeline and ultimately closed new business.”

Khris Fenton VP of Revenue Operations
Email Sync & Tracking

Advanced Activity Capture

Reveal the sales activities that you’re missing. Automatically capture and log all email, calendar, meeting, and LinkedIn activity to Salesforce in real-time.

  • Improve Salesforce hygiene by easily controlling which type of emails, meetings, and other activities are synced and which aren’t
  • Capture the data that matter to your business, including activities with custom meta-data and custom objects
  • Increase visibility by automatically linking activities with the correct leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases in Salesforce
  • Log activities to any record in Salesforce, including custom objects and multiple records
Auto Contact Capture - Revenue Intelligence

Auto Contact Capture

Identify and add new business contacts to Salesforce automatically to get a complete picture of the buying committee.

  • Automatically add new business contacts that are cc’d on emails or added to meetings as contacts in Salesforce
  • Quickly understand who is involved in each and every sales opportunity, as well as your team’s level of engagement with each contact
  • Ensure that every contact involved in the buying process receives a consistent, timely, and relevant experience from their first engagement
  • Understand the necessary level of rep engagement with key stakeholders to help deals move faster through the pipeline
Groove Spaces

Opportunity & Pipeline Management

Collaborate on opportunities, update pipeline, manage accounts, and assign tasks all in one place using live Salesforce data.

  • Conduct interactive pipeline reviews powered by advanced activity capture and real-time Salesforce data
  • Empower sales managers and reps to collaborate in a centralized workspace that automatically updates Salesforce
  • Update account status, advance opportunity stages, and record next steps without having to switch back and forth from Salesforce

“With Groove, our AEs, AMs, and SDRs have an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use platform that they love to use every day. After implementing Groove, our Salesforce data hygiene improved overnight.”

Caroline Holt EVP of Revenue Enablement

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