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Groove has the most advanced activity capture in the industry, providing complete transparency between reps and their managers. Groove customers can rely on real-time Salesforce reporting, collaborate on account lists, better understand the full buying committee, and run live, interactive pipeline reviews.

Sales Engagement Platform - Revenue Intelligence

“High-performing sales teams are 1.5 times more likely
to base forecasts on data-driven insights.”

Salesforce State of Sales Report 2020
accurate salesforce reporting - sales engagement platform

Accurate Salesforce Reporting

Groove’s native Salesforce integration ensures access to comprehensive, real-time data.

  • Eliminate data latency and ensure one source of truth by maintaining Salesforce as your database of record
  • Improve forecasting accuracy by eliminating shadow CRMs and maximizing activity capture  
  • Export any report as a CSV for use in other reporting systems
Groove Spaces

Opportunity & Pipeline Management

Collaborate on opportunities, update pipeline, manage accounts, and assign tasks using live Salesforce data.

  • Conduct interactive pipeline reviews powered by advanced activity capture and real-time Salesforce data
  • Empower sales managers and reps to collaborate in a centralized workspace that automatically updates Salesforce
  • Update account status, advance opportunity stages, and record next steps without having to switch back and forth from Salesforce
Email Sync & Tracking

Advanced Activity Capture

Automatically capture and log all email, calendar, meeting, and LinkedIn activity to Salesforce in real-time.

  • Easily control which type of emails, meetings, and other activities are synced and which aren’t
  • Capture activities with custom meta-data and associate them with custom objects
  • Automatically link activities with the correct leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases in Salesforce
  • Use search and selection functionality to log activities to any record, including custom objects and multiple records
Auto Contact Capture - Revenue Intelligence

Auto Contact Capture

Identify and add new business contacts to Salesforce automatically to get a complete picture of the buying committee.

  • Automatically add new business contacts that are cc’d on emails or added to meetings as contacts in Salesforce
  • Quickly understand who is involved in each and every sales opportunity, as well as the level of engagement with each contact
  • Ensure that every contact involved in the buying process receives a consistent, timely, and relevant experience from their first engagement
  • Understand the necessary level of rep engagement with key stakeholders to help deals move faster through the pipeline
revenue intelligence - account-based engagement

Account-Based Engagement

See account-level engagement and drill down to individual response rates.

  • See a holistic view of account health, including number of people in Flows, last touch, last interaction, and the amount of effort compared to engagement
  • Understand the performance of top accounts and prioritize engagement with Starred Accounts
  • Quickly drill down into and search the activity history of any account without logging into Salesforce
  • Email, call, or add contacts to a Flow from any Account view
Enhanced ROI Reporting - Revenue Intelligence

Enhanced ROI Reporting

Ensure proper attribution and reporting by associating Groove Flows to existing Salesforce campaigns and hierarchies.

  • Understand Flow performance and ROI at the Individual and Team level by tying it back to Opportunities and revenue in Salesforce
  • Easily track ROI back to each Flow, including number of converted prospects, the number of value of all opportunities, and much more
  • Quickly access a Salesforce campaign associated with a Flow or retroactively create a campaign for an active Flow
  • Understand which Flows are driving results through the customer journey and optimize efforts across teams to drive even more opportunities
Groove Insights Feature for Salesforce Reports

Groove Insights

Optimize and accelerate revenue performance with an advanced suite of pre-built Salesforce reports.

  • Add dozens of key Salesforce reports, dashboards, and fields in a single click
  • Get a more accurate view of revenue performance by augmenting Salesforce reporting with real-time Groove engagement data
  • Empower rev ops with critical insights into key accounts, top-performing activities, and at-risk opportunities.
  • Drill down into rep-level performance across accounts and opportunities generated by stage, number of flow step completed on time, the amount and outcome of meetings booked, and more

“With Groove, our AEs, AMs, and SDRs have an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use platform that they love to use every day. After implementing Groove, our Salesforce data hygiene improved overnight.”

Caroline Holt EVP of Revenue Enablement

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