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Sales Productivity

Increase Rep Productivity by 30%

Groove brings Salesforce to where your reps work while removing friction from the sales process through streamlined engagement, seamless collaboration, and mobile access.

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“Groove makes updating Salesforce and sending calendar availability easy. Whether you're using Groove’s core functions or exploring their in-depth tools, it’s 10X productivity.”

Adam K., Account Executive
Sales Calendar & Meeting Sync

Email & Calendar Integration

Be more productive and stay in your workflow with the ability to view, update, and create Salesforce records and execute Flow steps right from your inbox or calendar.

  • View Salesforce contact records automatically when drafting, selecting, or opening emails
  • Customize information displayed by role and team
  • Add Salesforce meeting notes, update call status, or advance an opportunity stage from your online calendar
  • Drop contacts into message Flows and execute Actions from the Groove Omnibar
  • Search across Salesforce activities, opportunities, and custom objects without leaving the inbox
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Integration

Streamline and personalize engagement by accessing LinkedIn Sales Navigator from the inbox, calendar, Salesforce, and more.

  • Easily personalize your emails with detailed contact info, icebreakers, mutual contacts, and related leads
  • View LinkedIn profiles and save contacts as leads
  • Ask for introductions and send LInkedIn InMails right from the Groove Omnibar
  • Easily switch between contact and company information
Book More Meetings With Online Scheduler

Online Scheduler

Eliminate the endless back and forth of setting meetings. Empower contacts to choose the best time for them with a customizable online scheduler link added straight from your email.

  • Easily set up meetings with prospects and clients without the hassle of multiple emails and changing schedules
  • Maintain your team’s flexibility by evenly distributing meetings across your team with Round Robin scheduling
  • Personalize the experience with custom branding
  • Configure Scheduler form fields to pull data from any custom Salesforce field
  • Allow inbound leads and customers to easily book meetings with your team by embedding the Scheduler on your website
Groove OmniDialer

Sales Dialer & SMS

Spend less time calling and more time talking and texting with the fastest and most reliable sales dialer in the industry. Be more productive, optimize every call with performance data, and generate better outcomes.

  • App-based dialer offer superior speed and stability over extension dialers, enabling reps to bridge-calls in record time
  • Increase conversions by viewing easily Salesforce history and relevant notes from previous interactions to personalize conversations before you engage
  • Avoid manual dialing and wrong numbers with the ability to click-to-call any number from any page on the web, including data sources
  • Send SMS messages from your computer and receive real-time notifications of incoming messages
  • Save up to an hour every day with voicemail drop and auto-logging every call and text to Salesforce
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Enable reps to view, update, take notes on, and even create Salesforce records directly from their inbox, calendar, Salesforce, or Groove.

  • Bring Salesforce notes and activity history directly into rep workflows
  • Allow reps to take and assign Action without switching screens, and log them back to Salesforce in real-time
  • Import new leads and contacts directly into relevant message Flows
  • Surface recorded meetings and transcripts that are linked to activities
  • Leverage relevant LinkedIn Sales Navigator data without leaving your inbox
Groove SEP for Salesforce Dashboard Image

Spaces Collaboration

Move past spreadsheets and collaborate on live Salesforce account lists and opportunities to accelerate deal cycles and close more revenue.

  • Leverage real-time collaborative spaces for pipeline reviews, account list collaboration, ABX programs, and more
  • Easily see where each account is in the sales cycle and the amount of effort versus engagement
  • Customize Spaces with data from standard and custom Salesforce fields
  • Assign Account tasks for yourself or other team members
  • Streamline collaboration by adding Accounts to Spaces directly from the Omnibar
Groove+ Easily access and update Salesforce from the road

Groove+ Mobile App

Streamline meeting preparation and follow-up, increase Salesforce adoption, and access account and deal history from the road. Make sure no details fall through the cracks by enabling sellers to bring Groove with them everywhere they work.

  • Surface timely meeting reminders, including key information from Salesforce, to reduce preparation time
  • Close the field sales visibility gap by making it easy to access and update Salesforce from everywhere
  • Easily add meeting notes to Salesforce with voice-to-text functionality
  • Log to Meetings, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Custom Fields or unique Salesforce configurations

“Since rolling out Groove, we’ve seen the average production, or gross margin, of our reps increase by 83%.”

Mitch Thomas Sales Enablement Manager

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