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Streamline Workflows and Prioritize Tasks

Unleash your full potential with collaboration across teams and divisions. Stop collaborating in spreadsheets and start collaborating in a way that automatically syncs to Salesforce. Get organized, collaborate with peers, conduct live pipeline reviews, and assign activities from one easy-to-use, real-time workspace.

Salesforce Workflow Management

“73% of sales teams say collaborating across departments is absolutely critical or very important to their overall sales process.”

Salesforce State of Sales Report 2019
Salesforce Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Assign Salesforce tasks to other team members and collaborate on account lists in a visual and interactive environment.

  • Complete actions and add contacts to Flows right from Gmail or Microsoft 365
  • Collaborate within teams and across departments with collaborative spaces that bring in real-time Salesforce data
  • Assign tasks to each other as reminders to reach out to important prospects.
Organizing Salesforce Workflows


Organize all of your workflows in one place where you can easily manage actions inside and outside of messaging Flows.

  • View, prioritize, and act on all due Flow steps, one-off Actions, and Salesforce tasks from wherever you’re working
  • Easily create, execute, and assign actions in real time, without leaving your workflow
  • Leverage suggested actions to improve engagement and sales strategy
  • Filter Actions based on Flow types, Tasks, time zone, due dates, target accounts, and more
  • Search across actions by Flow name, company, contact, or lead
Groove Spaces

Groove Spaces

Collaborate on account lists and opportunities to accelerate deal cycles and close more revenue.

  • Leverage real-time collaborative spaces for pipeline reviews, AE/SDR account list collaboration, account-based marketing programs, and more
  • Easily see where each account is in the sales cycle and the amount of effort versus engagement
  • Customize Spaces with data from standard and custom Salesforce fields
  • Assign Account tasks for yourself or other team members

"We use Groove to collaborate, communicate, and sync on activity in user accounts and prospect accounts."

Maribeth Jones Digital Sales Representative

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