Sales Analytics

Valuable insights for every member of your team


We know you care about both quantity and quality. Built-in analytics give you and your team the ability to easily see what works well and where to make improvements.

Activity Log
Activity Log

Get real-time insights into all sales activities as they are completed, including calls, emails, and tasks. Maintain transparency and foster competition among your team members.

Template Performance
Template Performance

Track the performance of any template, whether it's an email or call script. Share successful templates with everyone, and fine-tune templates that are under performing.

Call Stats
Call Stats

Enjoy new insights into your reps' calls. Identify which days of the week and times of the day give your team the highest connect rates.

Account Based Engagement

See engagment at a high level with account-based engagement scores, and drill down to see how each individual is responding to your efforts.

Account Based Engagement Screenshot
Deep Salesforce Integration

If you need to drill into your data even further, create any custom report you need right in Salesforce. Data from Groove is synced to Salesforce in real time, so it will always be there waiting for you — automatically.

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