Why Groove?

Improve efficiency. Get actionable insights. Drive revenue.

Sales is changing, and sales teams have to work harder than ever before to close deals.
Here’s what we know:

Speed matters.

45% of sales go to the first company to respond to an inquiry.

Quantity matters.

Sales reps give up after 4 contacts, while customers start saying “yes” after 4 contacts.

Quality matters.

On average, 7 stakeholders are involved in a B2B sales transaction.

Time matters.

Only one-third of a sales rep’s day is spent on actual sales.

Wouldn’t it be great if your reps could spend more time talking to your prospects? That’s why we’re here.

Groove is a sales engagement software that drives efficiency at every stage of the sales process so your reps can spend more time closing deals.

Give every sales rep the
tools to be a superstar

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Proven Success

On average, our customers:

1-2 more hours

of productive, active selling
per day per sales rep

100% account coverage

with Groove’s
automation tools

25% more revenue

with Groove's sales productivity features

Everyone Wins

With Groove, everyone has something to gain.

  • More accurate reports on sales team activity
  • Better adoption of Salesforce
  • Reps can focus on sales instead of data entry

“Groove enhances everything! Multi-step campaigns and pulling over contacts from Salesforce is a HUGE timesaver for our team.”

Kim Gerlich
Sales Training Manager
  • Always have the most recent data in Salesforce
  • Allow reps to spend more time on revenue generating activities
  • Get full visibility into what’s working and what’s not

“We have seen a big lift in the number of touchpoints that our reps are able to make with our customers. That’s a win across the board.”

Mike Janke
Director of Pro Sales
  • Automatically update Salesforce without leaving Gmail
  • Easily send personalized emails at scale
  • Get back valuable time to focus on selling

“I have no idea how I did my job before Groove. The program is smart and adaptive, and the team at Groove is always adding new features that help me be more successful. Thank you Groove for being nothing short of amazing!”

Alan Proctor
Account Manager

The best solution available

There are a lot of options on the market, but Groove stands out above the rest.

How is Groove different?

Groove is the only all-in-one solution on the market — we can do what used to require 3 or 4 systems, and we keep your data in one place in a consistent format. We know that each team within your sales organization has different needs. That’s why we configure Groove’s robust feature set for your teams, from ops to reps to managers.

Who else uses Groove?

We have been a trusted Salesforce partner since 2013, and we’re used by over 40,000 reps around the world. We power entire customer organizations (from SDRs to AEs to Customer Success) at industry-leading companies such as Google, Slack, Prezi, Asana, and many more. See for yourself!

How easy is it to get started?

After we get to know your unique needs and structure, we’ll configure Groove to best suit your team for your trial period. When you’re ready to fully onboard, our Customer Success team will guide each rep through the process until all questions are answered. And if anything comes up in the future, we’re always here for you.


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