Spend more time building relationships and closing revenue

Groove makes your most valuable resources more efficient and effective at finding, landing, renewing, and expanding revenue across the entire customer lifecycle.

Easy to use
Intuitive And Easy-To-Use

Clean user interface makes it easy to learn and execute tasks

Personalize 1:1 or mass flow cadences using email, calls, social touches, and more

Instantly update Salesforce without leaving Gmail or Outlook

Advanced Activity Capture
Advanced Activity Capture

Reduce manual data entry in Salesforce by 90%

Accurate, automated forecasting

Accurate real-time reporting for marketing and sales leadership

Call Analytics
Customizable By Team And Role

Users only see what matters to them

Easy to manage and maintain

Instantly reflects Salesforce configuration changes

Collaborate Across Teams
Collaborate Across Teams

Highly configurable top-down content workflows enable distributed reps and account managers

View engagement by account, division, or individual

Consolidate multiple tools into one easy-to-use platform

Industry Leading Security And Compliance
Industry Leading Security And Compliance

Groove is native to Salesforce and treats it as the only system of record

We do not mirror your database or allow rogue users to mail outside contacts or lists

SOC-2, GDPR, and CCPA Compliant