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A recipe for mayhem (i.e. Sales Tech Mayhem)

The Closer - a recipe for mayhem

A recipe for (sales tech) mayhem

Here’s a sales tech riddle for you. What do you get when you bring together products that sales reps actually like, love, and have-to-have with a user experience that’s seamless to sales reps processes? You get Sales Tech Mayhem – a phrase coined by Gartner analysts Craig Rosenberg and Dan Gottlieb to describe the rapid consolidation of hundreds of different technologies used to empower today’s modern sales team. From hungry VCs and Wall Street execs to posturing “Alpha Platforms”, there’s a lot of money and velocity in the space right now – and no sign of slowing down. Craig, Dan and the analysts at Gartner explore the phenomena, business drivers, fueling factors, and broader implications in 39 key insights. Go crazy!

The prospect of returning to an office

​​Will we or won’t we? As the chances of reopening ebb and flow according to the emergence of new COVID variants, the only thing for certain today is that nothing is certain. Most organizations aren’t willing to bet on a timeline for returning to an office – and for good reason. A much safer bet is that the future of work will have some kind of hybrid component, that is a mix of in-person and remote work. Why? Because there are significant business advantages to a hybrid-work model besides reducing commute time and overhead costs. Online enterprise publication, The Enterprisers Project, outlines five important advantages to a hybrid-work model that you may not have thought of. Our only gripe is that “spending more time with your dog” didn’t make the list.


Motivational posters

“Teamwork.” “One day or day one.” “Hang in there.” These are all popular motivational posters that you can put on your wall. Even if you’re really into stock photography or pictures of kittens dangling precariously from tall branches, there are better ways to motivate employees. Remember, not everyone is motivated by cat photos, so managers need to take the time to determine what levers they have at their disposal to keep employees performing at the top of their game. Groove CEO Chris Rothstein and several other leaders are in their own way motivational posters, as they posted their thoughts in an informative Built In article that focuses on six recommendations managers can employ to keep their teams motivated. If you don’t take time right now to read this article, don’t give up. Success is built on failure.

Sales engagement platforms – The Definitive Guide

Looking into sales engagement? You came to the right newsletter. One of the hottest technologies contributing to the “Mayhem” referenced earlier, sales engagement platforms enable customer-facing reps to communicate with prospects and customers more efficiently and effectively. Sounds great right? We agree. However, before bringing on a platform, there are some things to consider so that you can get the most value from your investment. As engagement experts ourselves, we’ve made it easy by putting together ‘The Definitive Guide to Sales Engagement Platforms’ to explore common considerations, pitfalls, questions, and benefits when it comes to choosing or migrating sales engagement platforms.


Account-based sales, evolved

The Closer - A recipe for mayhem

In a recent survey of revenue operations professionals, 94% reported that they sell into teams of 3 or more individuals. This marks another shift in B2B buying, and an opportunity for agile sales teams to get ahead. In a B2B world ruled by leads and accounts, centering a coordinated sales motion around buying teams and opportunities is the next evolution of account-based sales, according to Forrester analyst Kerry Cunningham. Not only will you have more influence on internal conversations, you’ll also be able to pick up on strong signals – like when multiple contacts from the same account express interest in your solution. Forrester explores what leaders and teams can do to achieve better buying-team coverage.

Customers: Your ticket to space

If Jeff Bezos has taught us anything, it’s that being highly customer-centric lands you a first-class trip into space. Ok – maybe that’s not a direct correlation, but the point is that prioritizing your customer’s experience, needs, and desires leads to happy customers and growing profits. Back when life was more in-person, sensing customer needs was as easy as observing their behavior and/or asking them straight up. To engage today’s customers, however, team’s need to replicate a customer-centric approach in digital channels. And that takes some extra work to get right. In a collaborative article, Salesforce partnered with the Harvard Business Review to produce a 5-step roadmap for becoming a more customer-centric company. Reading it may not get you any closer to Mars, but it should set your team on a profitable path forward.

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