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All the things!

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All the things!

B2B buyers are a lot like an internet meme. More specifically, a crudely drawn stick figure that is maybe a little bit too excited about “all the things.” However, B2B sellers who apply this enthusiasm to an omnichannel selling strategy will find themselves in a good position to close more deals by meeting buyers where they are. An omnichannel sales strategy is not that new, but it’s become even more powerful as more buyers have embraced digital channels during the pandemic. If you haven’t yet embraced “all the channels,” Harvard Business Review has some detailed and sound advice for adopting an omnichannel sales strategy.

Retention intervention

The media coined it the Great Resignation, but for beleaguered employers, it’s more like “oh, great, another resignation.” And the sales function is not immune. According to a recent Gartner survey, a majority of CSOs are experiencing above-average attrition to the tune of 36% above target. With these kinds of numbers, sales leaders need to be focused on retention more than ever. Gartner believes there is one very effective way to understand whether a rep is at risk of leaving – ask them. Gartner analyst Doug Bushée recommends integrating “stay conversations” into your existing sales management process to improve engagement and reduce attrition.


The sales reps have spoken

The Closer | RepVue top-rated sales employer

Another great way to find out if your sales reps are happy is by checking out RepVue, the relatively new “B2B sales organization rating platform for sales professionals.” Here, sales reps are invited to rate their sales teams anonymously across multiple factors. Sales reps looking to make their next move can see how hundreds of revenue teams are rated on everything from quote attainment to culture and diversity. If you’re curious about the top-rated sales organization on RepVue – spoiler alert – it’s Groove. We think our sales team is pretty amazing, and it’s extremely gratifying to confirm that the feeling is mutual.

10,000,000 reasons to celebrate

Did you know that the Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s largest and oldest business cloud marketplace? It’s true. Of course, it wasn’t always so huge. When the Salesforce AppExchange launched in 2006, it took 11 years to reach 5 million installs. The momentum has accelerated quickly since then. So much so that last month Salesforce celebrated 10 million Appexchange installs. As a Salesforce-native sales engagement platform, Groove was invited to be a part of the celebration. You can read Groove CTO Austin Wang’s thoughts on the value and impact of the AppExchange on the Salesforce blog


Because Zoom is forever

The Closer | Because Zoom is foreverPrior to 2020, remote work wasn’t so popular. Our world was filled with in-person meetings, gatherings, and activities. Fast forward to today, and meeting in-person with a buyer to close a deal sounds a little crazy. Thanks to the pandemic, we have all had to make adjustments, and sales was no different. Virtual selling is the new normal, and it’s not going away any time soon. So spice up your game with eight techniques to master virtual selling from Richard Conn, Senior Director of Demand Generation at 8×8.

Buyer’s first

Remember in the olden times when a gentlemanly man would open the door for a woman and say “Ladies first”? First of all, scratch that, because it’s 2022 and women can hold the door open for themselves and anyone they please. Second, wouldn’t “Buyers first” be a more useful phrase in today’s economy? Sales has changed. Buyers don’t want to be sold. They want to buy what the product can do for them. The original sales process of pitching products just doesn’t work anymore. It’s time to learn how to adopt a solutions mindset in B2B sales from the LinkedIn Sales Blog.

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