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Beyond the journey or the destination

The Closer | Beyond the journey or the destination

Beyond the journey or the destination

We’ve all heard that life is about the journey, not the destination. In the world of B2B sales, however, getting to your revenue destination every quarter is pretty important. That’s why tons of sales tech vendors are oriented around helping companies do exactly that. According to Forrester principal analyst Seth Marrs, the problem is that not enough vendors are focused on providing actionable insights to help sales teams get there on time. The real opportunity is to provide insights and guidance that enable sales teams to achieve goals when forecasts say they won’t. Because we all know that journeys rarely go exactly as planned.

Recruit, ramp, repeat?

If you’re responsible for managing a sales team, you know all too well about the challenges with attracting, recruiting, ramping, and retaining sales talent. That’s a lot of R’s to manage, and if you struggle with any of them, the cycle accelerates. Unfortunately, the current hiring environment for sales talent is more difficult than ever, thanks to a couple more R-words – the Great Resignation and the Great Reshuffle. Improving your sales hiring, training, and retention processes is critical in these arduous times, but fret not. Stephen Diori, Director of the Revenue Enablement Institute, has some helpful insights and tips for growing and retaining top sales talent. It’s a surefire way to the most important R-word: revenue.

The hybrid work paradox

As offices begin to open up after more than a year of remote work, employees are embracing the idea of hybrid work. However, when you ask them about their expectations, some conflicting data begins to emerge. That’s what Adi Ingatius, the editor in chief of the Harvard Business Review, learned after interviewing Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for a new HBR series called “The New Work of Work.” It turns out that 70% of employees want the flexibility of working from home, while another 70% desire the human connection and collaboration opportunities made possible by the office. Can you have your hybrid work cake and eat it too? Satya covers that and other secrets of the metaverse over at HBR.org.


Revenue intelligence, Salesforce, and you

The Closer | Revenue intelligence, Salesforce, and youIf you’re in any way associated with B2B sales, you know that revenue operations and intelligence is a hot category in the sales tech arena. The trend is so huge, there’s a chance that even a high school English teacher who got forwarded this newsletter by mistake might be aware of it. (If that describes you, we’re impressed you made it this deep into the issue.) If you haven’t yet begun embracing Revenue Intelligence to empower your sales team, there’s never been a better time. Well, maybe yesterday or any day before that, but we digress. If you want to better understand this rapidly evolving category, check out Groove’s CEO Chris Rothstein’s analysis of RevOps and Revenue Intelligence on Salesforce Ben.


Graphic sales negotiation tactics

The Closer | Graphic sales negotiation tacticsEven though most parents would disagree, everything is a negotiation. Learning how to be a good negotiator is a critical sales skill, and there have been tons of words written on the topic. However, until now, there hasn’t been anything so graphic as the latest entry from RAIN Group. The sales consultancy’s Chief Marketing Officer Erica Shultz recently shared a detailed infographic outlining its “6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation” based on their own extensive research. If you’re short on time but hungry for tasty morsels of sales negotiation stats and best practices, then this is the article for you. Remember, in the world of sales, constant learning is non-negotiable.

Deal breakers

Anger issues. No sense of humor. Lackluster personal hygiene. These can all be deal breakers when it comes to personal relationships. While we might be good at spotting these peccadillos in prospective partners, deal breakers in B2B sales can be a lot less obvious (but equally upsetting). If you’re in the middle of a deal, the last thing you want to do is introduce doubt in the relationship with a misguided action or comment. If you were to ask 3,800 B2B buyers what salespeople did to put them off a deal, you would get a lot of different answers. LinkedIn knows this because that’s exactly what they did for their 2021 State of Sales Report. Rather than forcing you to sift through the data, LinkedIn offers up the top three B2B sales deal breakers on its blog.

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