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Clari is Acquiring Groove, a New Chapter Begins

Clari + Groove

We started Groove 10 years ago.

As with any adventure lasting a decade, there have been countless milestones, lessons, achievements, and challenges along the way. And today brings in the biggest milestone of them all:

I’m thrilled to announce that Clari is acquiring Groove.

Before I dive deeper into the three reasons behind the acquisition (which I will below), it’s important to acknowledge and thank two groups of people. Without them, today’s announcement wouldn’t be possible:

I first want to thank the incredible team who have been integral to our success. Not only were we able to create award-winning products and customer experiences, but together, we built a culture that is truly special and will be cherished always.

Most importantly, I want to thank our customers. Our journey started with a vision to change the way sales is done, and we have been fortunate to work with many of the best sales teams in the world. I am especially excited about what the future holds for our customers as we reset the starting line and embark on a new journey to define and lead a new category.

Three major reasons this acquisition is a no-brainer

This acquisition is, without doubt, the best evolution for the market, including existing Clari and Groove customers. Here’s why:

  • Sales Tech is moving towards consolidation
  • Perfect fit, from executive vision to product capabilities
  • The ability to create new, differentiated value

Let’s briefly walk through each one.

Revenue leaders want to consolidate their tech stack

Every revenue leader I’ve spoken to in the past 12 months has said the same thing: They want one system to run revenue.

They’re tired of expensive and bloated tech stacks created by too many point solutions.

By adding Groove’s deep sales engagement capabilities and expertise, Clari’s Revenue Platform now gives leaders a full-funnel approach to controlling their revenue process, from pipeline creation to revenue capture.

This unique approach can solve a lot of problems for the revenue organization. The biggest and most pressing being driving predictability. Specifically the ability to control results by tying acting to outcomes.

Cobbling point solutions mixed with CRM doesn’t cut it. Leaders are looking for one place for all revenue data and actions to guide their decision making and call their number with confidence. Now they can.

Perfect Product Fit

It might sound cliche, but Groove joining Clari feels like two perfectly fitted puzzle pieces.

The leadership team understands our vision and desire to truly serve the market with best-in-class technology, purpose-built to run the most important process in every business: revenue.

Groove fits perfectly into Clari’s vision for a unified revenue platform to run all your internal and external revenue workflows.

The Clari and Groove combination closes the loop between insight and action, right in the flow of work. Now everything revenue teams need is one place — no more wasting time switching between apps, or action items slipping through the cracks.

This is both what the market wants and is lacking.

With Groove joining Clari’s Clari Revenue Platform, you can:

  • Reclaim control of your revenue process, and run every internal and external workflow.
  • Get visibility and predictability across your full funnel — from create to close.
  • Close the loop between insight and action, so nothing ever falls through the cracks.

I’m most excited about Nonlinear workflows. Typical sales engagement workflows are linear.

The soon-to-be-released Plays product is a workflow engine, which is more nuanced than the current linear workflows for prospecting.

Imagine having proven workflows readily available for all high-stakes selling scenarios, from being single-threaded in deals to reigniting inactive deal cycles.

It will definitely make the “spray and pray” approach commonly used obsolete.

Creating new, differentiated value

This is a short, but important one.

Like most entrepreneurs, I am always looking for ways to create value and solve existing problems in a new way.

This acquisition is special because what we’re about to create hasn’t been done before. This will not only deliver tremendous value for our customers, but it will give us the opportunity to define and lead a new category.

Sincere thank you to everyone who’s joined us on our journey. This is our new starting line and today, the next phase of our journey begins.

Chris Rothstein
Co-founder and CEO, Groove

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