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Disruption is essential

The Closer | Disruption is essential


Disruption is essential

The mother of all disruptions came in the form of COVID-19. In the tech world, “disruption” has largely been seen as a positive term that has become synonymous with innovation. The disruption brought on by the pandemic is of another breed and order of magnitude altogether. While we haven’t had this level of global disruption in modern times, change has always been a driving factor in B2B sales. In fact, according to a Gartner B2B buyers survey, 93% of buyers map their purchase back to a voluntary or involuntary disruption. The key is not to avoid disruption, but to enable your sales team to lead buyers successfully through it. If you’re looking for some insights on how to do just that, Gartner has got you covered.

And now a few insights from HBR, McKinsey, and Gartner

You’d have to consult a bunch of smart people to understand the “Keys to Success in the New Era of B2B Sales.” And ideally, those smart people would be basing their recommendations on extensive research – like maybe a survey of 2,500 B2B companies across the globe. Here at The Closer, we didn’t have time to speak directly with Gartner, the Harvard Business Review, and McKinsey, but we did find their latest research on B2B sales summarized quite nicely on the LinkedIn blog. Learn why Gartner believes so strongly in helping buyers feel confident, or what McKinsey learned about the behaviors of outperforming reps, or how HBR is consulting mid-sized B2B teams to “punch above their weight.”

Hybrid work is coming! Yay?

Two or three days a week. That sounds about right. Just enough time to connect and collaborate with colleagues while also providing some time at home to focus on projects and get a break from the commute. If you’re “all in” with hybrid work, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in alignment with 83% of workers, according to a new Accenture survey. Great. That’s all settled. Except it’s not. For businesses managing their workforces, the question is largely not “if hybrid” but “how hybrid.” The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the nuances of making hybrid work for everyone. If a business reduces office capacity, what do they do if all the employees decide that Thursday is the best day to come in? Do they enforce a schedule? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are definitely some details to work out.


More opportunities with less work

If you’ve been shopping for a plane on Aero Trader or an RV on (you guessed it) RV Trader, you’ve been to one of Trader Interactive’s many marketplaces for connecting buyers and sellers of lifestyle vehicles and commercial equipment. With multiple brands and thousands of accounts, Trader Interactive needed to find a way to streamline workflows for its customer support and sales teams – and they found the ideal partner in Groove. Instead of spending time logging activities and sending routine communications, sales and support can focus on building relationships with customers. Read the case study to learn how Trader Interactive freed up 15% of their workday and boosted opportunities by 20%.


Turn pipeline review into pipeline, wahoo!

The Closer | Turn pipeline review into pipeline, wahoo!

With the one possible exception of surfers, no one thinks about pipelines more than sales people. What if I were to tell you that there were four steps of just moderate difficulty that you could take to reliably fill your pipeline? You’d be interested, right? If so, you’re really going to be excited about the four EASY steps that the RAIN Group has identified for filling your pipeline. As any surfer knows, pipelines are possible because of waves, and it’s the same for sales. The one big difference is that the WAVE steps you need to master for filling your pipeline may make it rain, but they won’t get you wet.

Seven habits of highly effective *sales* people

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People may be one of the most popular business books of all time, but, let’s be honest, it’s a little light on B2B sales strategy. Sure, a lot of the recommendations provide a good foundation for a successful sales person, but wouldn’t it be great if we could learn about the seven habits of top-performing sales reps? Why hasn’t someone written that book? Oh, they have. It may be an e-book that hasn’t yet sold 25 million copies, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable for sales reps looking to crush their number. ValueSelling Associates surveyed more than 150 B2B sales leaders to uncover the habits of their top-performing reps and compiled their findings in a book that you can finish a lot faster than that other one.

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