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Forrester Now Tech: Sales Engagement Solutions

The Closer | Forrester Now Tech: Sales Engagement Solutions

Forrester Now Tech: Sales Engagement Solutions

“Wait. What’s going on?” “How’s that even possible?” “I’m so confused.” These are all acceptable musings when watching a movie about the multiverse, but they shouldn’t be top of mind when thinking about sales engagement technology. Sales engagement is such a hot space that all breeds of sales tech want in on the action, and that makes things a little murky. If you’re a Forrester client though, you’re in luck. In its hot off the press, “Now Tech: Sales Engagement Solutions, Q2 2022,” Forrester analysts Seth Marrs and Amy Hawthorne bring some much needed clarity to the 29 sales engagement providers existing in just one universe – this one.

Maximum flexibility

While watching a contortionist might be unsettling for the squeamish among us, usually, the more flexible something is, the better. This is certainly holding true for the modern workplace. Companies enacting restrictive return-to-work policies have seen employees respond with ire and a flood of resignation letters. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to best establish and empower a remote workforce, look no further than the world’s most popular CRM company. Forbes recently interviewed senior leaders from Salesforce and its recent Slack acquisition to uncover five successful strategies for implementing workplace flexibility. It’s time to embrace flexibility before you’re bent out of shape.


Everywhere sellers work

First, video kills the radio star. Then, texting kills the phone conversation. However, this week, Groove announced that it’s doing its part to revive the association between mobile phones and conversations. No, we’re not creating an anti-SMS lobby. Instead, Groove has released a conversation intelligence product and mobile app to bring sales productivity to sellers everywhere they work. Now, remote and hybrid teams can use the Groove+ mobile app to prepare for meetings and update Salesforce on the go. Reps can boost productivity even further by using Groove Conversations to access call recordings and insights directly from their inbox. The future just called. It’s Groove.

Better than the movie popcorn

Popcorn during movies is like Groove and winning. Why’s that? Because we just can’t get enough! That’s right, we won something again. Are we starting to sound repetitive? Hope not, because Groove just won four 2022 TrustRadius Top Rated Awards in the Sales Engagement, Sales Acceleration, Sales Email Tracking, and Email Management sales tech categories. And that’s not all. To top it off, we are also the most trusted provider in the Sales Engagement Platforms TrustMap. Wins like these taste like extra butter on a large popcorn – so good we want to savor it.


The Closer | How to Continually Qualify Prospects Throughout the Pipeline

What to do when pets are off the table

“My dog ate my homework” may have worked in high school, but “my cat sat on my computer” doesn’t cut it in B2B sales. Your fluffy pets may be getting attention in your company pet Slack channel, but they won’t get the attention of the buyer (unless they do, and we just created the best prospecting hack ever). To get a buyer’s attention without the use of pets, you have to do your due diligence by thoroughly researching the company before the call. Luckily, the LinkedIn Sales Blog has the perfect research checklist for B2B sellers to get you prepared for the meeting. What are you waiting for? Even if your pet fish could remember the list for you, they’d immediately forget it.

Guess Who?

“Do they have a mustache?” or “Are they blonde?” may be acceptable questions in a game of Guess Who?, but when it comes to figuring out if your leads will make it to the end of the sales funnel, these probably won’t help too much. Most sellers assume lead qualification is a sprint when it should be a marathon. Thankfully, ValueSelling has better questions to ask to take the guesswork out of qualifying leads and create a process that works. These questions aren’t likely to lead to any conversations about facial hair, but no promises.

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