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From Sales to the C-Suite

The Closer | From Sales to the C-Suite


From Sales to the C-Suite

Mark Cuban, Anne Mulcahy, and Samuel Palmisano. No, this isn’t a list of people I’d like to have over for dinner (not necessarily, anyway). Nor is it a game of “Find the Celebrity.” While the former CEOs of Xerox and IBM might not have the same name recognition as Mark Cuban, they all have one thing in common: all of these accomplished CEOs have a background in sales. If you spend a moment thinking about it, the progression from sales to CEO makes a lot of sense – and yet only 8% of CEOs have such a background. Ex-seller and HVR CEO Antony Brooks-Williams has spent some time thinking about this and wrote an insightful article in Fast Company about why salespeople have the ideal attributes for the C-Suite. So, if you’re good with the ABCs of selling, maybe it’s time to learn three more letters: C-E-O.

When it comes to adapting sales processes, size matters

You know how you can no longer go out to bars, and anytime you go anywhere you have to choose a mask from your ever-expanding collection? It turns out that the pandemic has affected sales too. Right. You know that already. We are very well aware that sales organizations have had to make significant changes to their sales process to effectively adapt them for remote selling. What you may not know is how those changes vary by the size of the organization. Sandler Training definitely knows about this, because they surveyed hundreds of global sales leaders and managers and learned some very interesting things about how different-sized companies have retooled their sales processes to accommodate remote selling.


G2 for 10

The Closer | G2 for 10

Spring is here! Dormant trees are budding back to life, dandelions are ruining our lawns, and perhaps best of all, G2 has published its Spring 2021 Grid Reports! Since The Closer is all about sales, we thought it would be relevant to mention which sales engagement platform provider has been the highest-rated for 10 straight quarters. If you need a hint, it begins with “Groov” and ends with “e.” We consider it a tremendous honor to be the number one platform for customer satisfaction across not just sales engagement, but also five other sales tech categories – vital technology like email tracking, outbound call tracking, sales intelligence, and (2) more! If you’re interested in how Groove stacks up against the other major platforms, check out this in-depth analysis of the G2 Sales Engagement Software Grid.

Here’s how Sendoso did it

You’re a hot tech company growing at 300% a year, and you’re on-ramping salespeople faster than an AE chasing redlines on the last day of the quarter. You know you need to capture every customer touchpoint, but AEs and CSMs aren’t exactly embracing your SDR-focused sales engagement platform. So what do you do? If you’re Sendoso, you find a platform that was made for your AEs and CSMs and then watch adoption soar to 95%. After Sendoso rolled out Groove to its account executives, account managers, and customers success managers, they finally gained the 100% visibility into sales and customer activities that they were seeking. Of course, adoption is easier when Groove is helping reps generating 50% open rates and 10% response rates. Learn more in the Sendoso customer success story.


Don’t treat customer segmentation like a Ronco

The Closer | Don’t treat customer segmentation like a Ronco
“Set it and forget it” might be a fine slogan for a kitchen gadget, but it lacks a certain level of nuance for a customer segmentation strategy. That might seem obvious, but many sales leaders put a lot of time and effort into creating their strategy and then fail to revisit it for several years. In the meantime, the company could have launched new products, entered new markets, or faced new challenges. If you’re not evaluating your segmentation strategy every two or three years, you could find yourself like a chicken in a rotisserie oven – spinning around, feeling the heat, and not going anywhere. If you’re not sure about the best approach,
Gartner analyst Dave Egloff has some well-baked strategies for customer segmentation on his blog.

Bite-sized sales leadership insights from a dog walker

Alejandro Cabral knows a thing or two about the dog-walking business, and while the lessons he learned from his teenage foray into entrepreneurship stay with him, he’s got a lot more on his mind these days as the Global Digital Sales Transformation Leader at Kimberly-Clark Professional. Alejandro joined KCP two years ago to focus on digital transformation and was deep into his three-to-four-year plan when COVID hit. There’s nothing like a pandemic to speed up your time table. If you want to know how Alejandro adjusted his plans for digital sales transformation at Kimberly-Clack (and what he had for breakfast), he shares all of this and more in a candid interview on the LinkedIn Sales Blog.

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