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G2 Spring 2021 Grid Reports Rank Groove #1 in Customer Satisfaction Across Six Sales Tech Categories

G2 Spring 2021 Grid Report for Sales Engagement

G2 just published its Spring 2021 Grid Reports, and Groove is thrilled to be be ranked #1 in customer satisfaction across six sales tech categories: Sales Engagement, Email Tracking, Outbound Call Tracking, Account Data Management, Sales Intelligence, and Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing.

Groove also leads the G2 Momentum Grid for Sales Engagement as well as four other sales tech categories. With this latest report, Groove has ranked #1 on G2’s highest-rated Sales Engagement Software list for 10 consecutive quarters.

G2’s Spring 2021 Grid Report for Sales Engagement Software ranks the performance of 54 different sales engagement platforms. Groove outranked every competitor across eight product satisfaction rating categories. You can find out how we stack up against our top competitors in the Spring 2021 G2 Sales Engagement Software Report.

Top scores based on verified users include:

  • 95% would recommend Groove
  • 97% find it easy to do business with Groove
  • 95% affirm the quality of Groove’s customer support
  • 93% say Groove is easy to use
  • 92% say Groove is easy to set up
  • 93% believe Groove meets all of their requirements
  • 93% say Groove is headed in the right direction


In addition to its six highest-satisfaction rankings, Groove also ranked #1 in Enterprise momentum across these five sales tech categories:

  • Sales Engagement Software – The leading platform for enterprises using Salesforce, Groove specializes in ease-of-use, ease-of-administration, and cross-team collaboration.
  • Email Tracking Software – Groove’s Gmail and Microsoft 365 integration auto-logs every email in real-time, eliminating sync errors and data latency.
  • Outbound Call Tracking Software – Groove’s Dialer automatically logs calls, transcripts and SMS messages to Salesforce, including call notes, outcomes, and next steps.
  • Account Data Management Software – Groove’s Salesforce-native platform ensures better data hygiene, fewer duplicates, no sync errors, and always-current data.
  • Sales Intelligence Software – Groove gives sales teams visibility into real-time sales performance data for improved collaboration, optimization, reporting, and forecasting.

Spring 2021 Sales Engagement Momentum Grid

G2 Spring 2021 Momentum Grid

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“Groove earned the highest customer satisfaction scores in G2’s Spring 2021 Grid Report for Sales Engagement Software for the tenth quarter in a row, which speaks volumes about the positive relationships they’ve developed with their customers,” said Michael Fauscette, chief research officer for G2. “As the sales engagement software category continues to experience explosive growth, Groove sets itself apart with the highest score in our Spring 2021 Momentum Grid.”

“It’s nice to see the tremendous momentum that Groove is experiencing in our business reflected on G2,” said Chris Rothstein, co-founder and CEO of Groove. “We are honored to have ranked number one in customer satisfaction for the tenth consecutive quarter across the most critical sales automation categories, as we continue to aggressively expand our market share and partner with enterprises on their digital transformation journey.”

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You can find more information about Groove and how it stacks up against its competitors in our Spring 2021 G2 Sales Engagement Software Report.

G2 Fall 2021 Grid Report for Sales Engagement

G2 Sales Engagement Software Report

Learn why Groove is leading the pack, and how the top providers are ranked across several criteria, including user satisfaction and G2’s proprietary Relationship Index/Momentum Grid®.

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