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Groove’s Award-Winning Customer Support


Groove is extremely proud of our Award-Winning Customer Support Team. In 2021 alone, our incredible team won a TrustRadius “Best of Sales Tech” Award for Best Customer Support in the Sales Engagement Platform category, and two Silver Stevie Awards, for Customer Service Department of the Year, and Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year. 

When you dig into the data, you can see why Groove’s customers are so enamored with our customer support. 

  • Groove has earned a CSAT score of 98.6% in 2021 vs. an industry average of 77% for computer software. This impressive metric builds on our already high CSAT scores from 2020 (98.1%) and 2019 (96.7%).
  • Groove has achieved a median first response time (MFRT) of 4m 29s and an overall median response time (MRT) of 4m 19s in 2021. This is exceptionally high based on feedback from customers and product reviews posted to G2 and TrustRadius.

Groove’s Customers Love Our Support  

Data only tells one side of the story. Hearing our customers talk about their experience with our support team provides a whole other level of insight. Check out the following video to hear our customers talk about why they love our support.

The following are just a couple of the quotes you’ll find in the video.

I value Groove as a partner because you value me as a partner. I find that my interactions with support, my teams, interactions with support with our CSM. You all are really great at meeting me halfway on everything. So, whether I have a challenge that’s bubbled up from my team that you all look into really quickly and try and solve or something that I’m trying to do strategically, I’ve always found groups, both sales, customer success, and support teams to be just tremendous in being super responsive and helping with what we need.”

-Caroline Holt, EVP of Sales Enablement, EVERFI

“I’ve loved working with the account and support teams at Groove. They’re always reaching out proactively to provide training on new features that they’ve implemented and they’re most focused on our success as a company. I’ve never worked with someone that’s been as focused on my team’s success.”

-Greg Larsen, Head of Revenue Operations, Lingotek

Experience Groove for Yourself

Want to learn why Groove’s customers are so enthusiastic about our platform and award-winning customer support? Simply request a demo, and we’ll be happy to show you.

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