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Speed up B2B Sales Prospecting by 3X


B2B sales prospecting without research is like tossing darts at a dartboard – while wearing a blindfold. If you want a sales pipeline that can deliver more return on your time, you need to change how you research. Last week, our customer and VP of RevOps at Eltropy, Greg Larsen, went on the Sell Better Daily Sales Show by JB Sales to have an in-depth discussion about how to prospect 3x faster by following proven list-building tactics.

Greg Larsen

Couldn’t make it? Don’t fret! Check out the recording here, or read below to learn about some of the key prospect research techniques Greg discusses with Sell Better Host, James Buckly, and seasoned sales professional, Patrick Seibt. 

Key takeaways: 

Do the legwork to find the right people to put in your flows

  • Finding unique ways to research instead of pulling big lists is key to good prospecting. Greg Larsen recommends researching new people at companies or companies that are looking for new people. When new leaders come in, they typically want to use different software. For example, you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find accounts with new senior leadership in the past three months. These changes can signal when software is changing. Bingo!

When I come into a company as a senior leader, I want to use my stuff. I want to use Groove. I want to use the tools that I’m used to because I have to be accountable for those things.”

– Greg Larsen, VP of RevOps, Eltropy

Set up the right process:

  • An organized sales process enables sellers to do more. Most sellers spend too much time building their prospecting list, just to result in inconsistent outbound. The right process enables sellers to stay consistent with following up on their list – don’t leave your list on hold!

“Build the list, work the list, trust the list…If you can trust your process, you can work through your [list] in half the time.”

– Greg Larsen, VP of RevOps, Eltropy

  • Always refine your process and lists based on analytics. Use metrics to keep track of outcomes. How many leads does it take to get a call? How many calls do you need to make to get someone on the phone? How many conversations does it take to get a demo? Then take it the next step to the account level. What does your account prospecting health look like? What’s your level of effort vs. engagement? Knowing your analytics makes you more confident in your list.

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