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In the Groove: An Interview with Alex Miller, Director of Revenue Operations at Sendoso

Groove + Sendoso

Groove recently sat down with Sendoso’s Director of Revenue Operations, Alex Miller, to learn how his team is using Groove to collect comprehensive activity data in Salesforce, giving reps back their time to book more meetings. Check out his responses in the Q&A below and then watch the video for a summary of the key themes.

Why did you choose Groove?

Groove is a great choice for Sendoso, because we have so many different teams that are part of our customer journey, and we wanted a platform that would bring strong features, consistent process, and good data across all those teams.

How does Groove bring value to your organization every day?

Groove is used today across our account executives, sales, engineering, account management, customer success, and onboarding teams to make sure that they can work seamlessly across both their inbox and Salesforce in one workflow.

What kind of impact has Groove had on your organization?

Since we implemented Groove, nobody thinks twice about making sure valuable prospect and customer conversations are being logged directly in Salesforce. It’s been a huge productivity boost for getting time on the calendar with customers and prospects and just making sure we’re saying the right things at the right time through templates and Flows, and making sure our emails are clean.

How has Groove improved your day-to-day?

Before we had Groove, we had a lot of challenges with just making sure that all of our customer and prospect communications were logged cleanly in Salesforce. Since we’ve put Groove in place, it’s been an afterthought, and our executive team and leadership team have all the confidence that we’re tracking everything we need to.

With Groove’s Gmail integration, we know that every single communication with our customers and prospects is being logged back to Salesforce, which saves me a lot of time.

How have your reps benefited from Groove?

Our reps love using Groove, and frankly, because all the emails and communications that they send are coming directly from them, it’s meant that we have booked more meetings, have higher hold rates, and are able to share content better. Ultimately, I just have better customer communications and prospect communications, because it’s authentic.

How valuable is Groove’s Salesforce-native approach?

I love how Salesforce-centric and native Groove is. We’ve had challenges in the past with different tools syncing data cleanly into Salesforce. Without errors, on the first try, we haven’t had any of those challenges with Groove, and I know our teams love the fact that they can work inside of both tools seamlessly.

What’s it like working with Groove’s Support and Account Teams?

We leverage the Groove customer support and CS teams whenever we’re starting to embark on a new outbound campaign or an upcoming conference. They’ve been a true partner to us, and frankly, they always go above and beyond in making sure we get everything we need.

How do you see Groove as a valued partner?

We see Groove as such a valuable partner that we’ve actually built an integration between Groove and Sendoso so that Groove users can send Sendoso sends directly from within Flows. It’s been a huge boost for our team, and one that I’m sure that all of our customers love as well.

What’s your favorite thing about Groove?

My favorite thing about Groove is just that our reps love using it. It’s minimal overhead for Ops to keep up and running, and our reps love it. So that makes us happy.

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