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Leveling up in a downturn

The Closer | “B2B Sales Leaders’ Guide To Sales Strategy Amid Economic Downturns

Leveling up in a downturn

Aside from possibly Twinkies, DMV lines, and Mick Jagger, nothing lasts forever. This fact sadly holds true for stock market bull runs. As companies face the realities of an economic downturn, they’ve got a lot of important decisions to make. As a sales leader, you may be wondering about the best course of action. Nancy Maluso, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, has anticipated your ruminations and has put together a little something she likes to call the “B2B Sales Leaders’ Guide To Sales Strategy Amid Economic Downturns.” If past economic downturns are any indication, companies that take swift and ​​decisive action will be the ones who level up while others wind down. 

Tech regret

An extra slice of pie. That perm you got freshman year. Buying Twitter. Life is full of regret. Even with the most rigorous research and planning, things don’t always go as expected. That’s apparently the case for the majority of large, tech-related purchases – a fact Elon knows all too well. Gartner recently surveyed over a thousand B2B tech buyers and found that just over half had regretted a large tech purchase in the past two years. The main complaint came down to a painful and prolonged buying experience that delayed implementation. So what’s a seller to do? Gartner offers three tips for avoiding buyer’s remorse that should be embraced by every seller – except maybe Twitter.

Tech delight

Sometimes, a slice of pie is exactly what you need. If you’re a sales leader looking to make your sellers more productive, technology is often the solution. You shouldn’t let a fear of regret keep you from improving your sales tech stack. Of course, as a buyer, there is a wrong and a right way to go about it. In a recent article for Sales & Marketing Management, Gartner analyst Dan Gottlieb lays out “5 Ways to Design a Tech Stack Sellers Actually Want to Use.” Assessing and communicating how a new solution will improve the daily lives of sellers is a big part of Dan’s plan. It’s actually a lot like pie. Once sellers smell the sweet reward, they will have a hard time turning it down.


The Closer | 022 Comparably Award for Best CEOs for Women

Bringing balance to tech

When you think of a worker in tech, you probably think of a man. But at Groove, that’s not necessarily the case. We value diversity of thought and opinion, which is shown through our workforce. In an industry where female representation averages 33%, Groove is proudly made up of 48% women. This week, Groove has earned a 2022 Comparably Award for Best CEOs for Women. This grand achievement comes from anonymous female employee reviews that show confidence in the abilities of the company to promote equality across peers and cultivate an inclusive environment. Let’s hear it for the ladies!


The Closer | The Best Salespeople in 2021 Did These 5 Things Well

Golden ticket

When little Charlie found a Golden Ticket in his Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar, it was the best day of his life. Sadly, Willy Wonka isn’t handing out Golden Tickets to a quota-crushing quarter… If he were, we would definitely want the factory tour. But what if you could unlock insight into what top sellers were doing? Well, now you can. LinkedIn surveyed 7,000 salespeople across the world for their State of Sales Report and found that the top sales performers are doing five things exceptionally well. We recommend giving all five topics a read. It might be your Golden Ticket to sales success.

Solutions thinker

Are you an evangelist? No, we don’t mean the religious kind. Unless, of course, your product is your religion. If you believe in your product so much that you are willing to go door-to-door to preach the sales gospel – you are evangelizing. However, if you only care about closing the deal, you are purely selling. Nothin’ more to it. But there are other sales personas you might fall under, like solution selling. Forbes breaks down the critical differences between selling, solution selling, and evangelizing. Check it out now, before divine intervention is needed to change your sales strategy. 

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