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Phil, Bill, and Mark walk into a virtual sales meeting

The Closer | Phil, Bill, and Mark walk into a virtual sales meeting


Phil, Bill, and Mark walk into a virtual sales meeting

We know what you are thinking, and you’re right. There have been a lot of articles about virtual selling. However, if you’re wondering whether you should read another article on the topic, we’ve got a couple of reasons why you should. First, while in-person meetings might be possible in the near future, virtual-selling will play a more important role than it did pre-pandemic. Second, you haven’t heard what Phil, Bill, and Mark think about virtual selling. From planning for a hybrid future to swapping out adaptive approaches for proactive ones, the LinkedIn blog features the top insights from an hour-long conversation with these venerable sales leaders.

Who’s taking notes?

What’s worse than a day crammed full with meetings? Being the last person to say “not it,” when the meeting organizer asks who is taking notes. Making matters worse, the role of note taker comes with the pressure of capturing all the important bits for future scrutiny. On the flip side, if no one is taking notes, then anyone who missed the meeting is out of luck. Of course, you can always use Zoom or similar tech to record the meeting, but the reality is that many people won’t take the time to watch. Why people can find time for cat videos but not important company meetings is an unknowable mystery. Thankfully, AI audio transcription is ready to save us. Wired magazine explores how companies are embracing real-time transcription to provide employees with a searchable archive. Take note of that!

Meet George Jetson

Every morning, George Jetson hopped on a conveyor belt and whizzed past a series of specialized robots that got him ready for work. That might sound far-fetched (and perhaps a little disturbing), but companies are busy finding ways that technology can elevate the work experience in myriad ways. Google may not be working on a spaceship that folds into a briefcase, but they are tackling an office staple – the desk. As employees begin returning to the office, many will find their personal desks replaced by “hot desks” that are shared across multiple employees. Business Insider got the inside scoop on Google’s latest invention: a new type of hot desk designed to make the sharing experience a little more palatable. These technology-enabled desks will automatically adjust for each worker and even display family photos from their Google Photos account. The future is here…with fewer spaceships.


Origin story

The Closer | Origin story

Clark Kent and Chris Rothstein have a lot in common. They both grew up in rural America, migrated to a big city, and devoted themselves to helping others. There are some key differences though. For example, Chris doesn’t wear glasses, and Clark is Superman. You’re probably familiar with Superman’s origin story, but how did Chris make the journey from living in a small 300-person town in farmland Minnesota to co-founding Groove and building it into the number one sales engagement platform for Salesforce? The Revenue Engine podcast invited Chris to talk about his experience starting Groove, the evolution of sales engagement, and his passion for building technology that gives salespeople super powers.


The inside/outside upside

The Closer | The inside/outside upside

Looking from the outside in, it would appear that all outside sales are now inside sales. The physical boundary may have blurred, but the role these two types of sellers play remains largely unchanged. That doesn’t mean it’s business as usual though, not by a long shot. It turns out there is a lot of upside from optimizing your inside/outside sales mix. Even after workers begin returning to offices, Forrester predicts that remote work will remain three times higher than pre-pandemic levels. That means that businesses need to adapt and rethink their sales coverage to optimize effectiveness and costs. According to Forrester analyst Robert Munoz, there are a lot of factors that should go into rebalancing your inside and outside sales teams.

Well, that was productive

Keeping your team happy, motivated, and productive is a lot like keeping a New Year’s resolution – it’s easier said than done. When you have remote and distributed colleagues, it’s even harder. There’s not one thing you can do to get your team running at peak performance and satisfaction. That’s because there are many things, and they should be done together in harmony. Salesforce’s director of strategic communications has thought a lot about this topic and has outlined a wide variety of ways to create an environment where employees are driven to do their best work – creatively and efficiently. The pay off? Being able to say “well, that was productive” without any hint of sarcasm.

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