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Questions about work

The Closer | Anatomy of Work Global Index 2022

Questions about work

What are you working on? How’s that working out for you? Working hard or hardly working? Those questions may be tolerated at the water cooler or office holiday party. However, they’re utterly useless if you’re a researcher trying to understand how work has evolved in a new era of remote and hybrid working. Fortunately, Asana took a different line of questioning in its newly released Anatomy of Work Global Index 2022. After getting 10,624 responses from global knowledge workers, Asana uncovered a number of startling facts. For example, US workers spend 58% of their day on busywork. That’s clearly not working.

Forward to the future

When a time-traveling DeLorean sent Marty McFly 30 years into the past, he quickly made it his mission to get back to the future. Sales pros would benefit tremendously from this focus on the future (minus the time travel) when it comes to sales strategy. Too often, salespeople focus on the problems their products can solve today versus collaborating with prospects to uncover valuable initiatives they didn’t even know were possible. Christoph Senn, Co-Director of the INSEAD Marketing & Sales Excellence Initiative, has a triple fit plan to help sales leaders embrace a collaborative sales approach focused on present and future value. Better yet? You don’t need 1.21 gigawatts of power to make it happen.

Good whale or beached carcass?

Sometimes you have to ask yourself: “Is this a good whale or a beached carcass?” If you’re at the beach, the answer should be pretty obvious. However, if you’re working a deal, it can often be a lot harder to tell. Kim Orlesky, CEO of sales consultancy KO Advantage Group, has asked herself this exact question, and over the years, she’s got pretty good at coming up with the right answer. LinkedIn recently interviewed Kim about that and other top sales lessons learned from a long and accomplished career in B2B sales.


Educational technology company case studyA lesson in productivity

It’s college acceptance season, and hundreds of thousands of students are currently finding out what sweatshirt they need to buy. While the process can be daunting for incoming students, it’s also incredibly complicated for universities trying to recruit students and set them up for success. That’s why many of them turn to a publicly traded educational technology company to help with communication throughout the student lifecycle. Find out how a leading ed tech company boosted student advisor productivity by 45% and efficiently manages custom Salesforce instances for 75 different universities by relying on Groove. Are you ready to graduate to Groove?


The Closer | CCE method for sales pitch improvement It’s all in the pitch

The prospect steps up to the plate and adjusts their stance. The pitcher reels back and lets loose a fastball. This analogy is a bit tricky for B2B sales. Normally, a pitcher wants to strike out the batter – but in sales, you want your prospect to hit a home run. Either way, your pitch should be perfectly aligned with your objective. Entire books have been written about crafting the perfect sales pitch. But what if you don’t have that kind of time? Joseph Grieves, training and development manager at Operatix, recently outlined the CCE method for sales pitch improvement in his latest Crunchbase article. The advice is a home run. Or a strike out. It’s up to you.

And now for something completely different

From The Holy Grail to the Life of Brian, when you watch a Monty Python film, you know you’re in for something completely different. Embracing the absurd is probably not a good way to stand out in a B2B sales engagement (depending on what you’re selling), but it is critical for your prospect to understand how your product delivers superior value, features, or service to the competition. So what’s the best way to stand out? After analyzing 700 B2B sales deals, the RAIN Group sales consultancy compiled six top tips for differentiating in the selling process. With a bit of practice, you’ll start closing deals faster than an unladen European swallow.

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