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Sales inactivity

The Closer | Sales inactivity

Sales inactivity

What if we told you that sales reps lost one day a week to doing admin? Now take the reaction and double it, because Forrester recently revealed that the average sales rep wastes about 14 out of 51 hours a week on administrative tasks. That’s two whole days. Every single week. When you’ve had a chance to calm down, it’s worth considering how you can achieve a more selling-focused ratio for your organization. Forrester has spent some time thinking about it and has created a Sales Activity Study engagement to help sales leaders remove time-consuming obstacles so their reps are able to spend more time selling. Once you identify what’s slowing up your reps, Forrester has outlined five tips for making your sales teams more productive.

If sales were an Olympic sport

No one gets to the Olympics by accident. There’s a ton of strategy, preparation, and practice that goes into building a team capable of taking home the gold. Sales is no different, except that there are no silver or bronze medals to fall back on. It’s win the gold or go home empty handed. Whether your sales cycle is a marathon, hundred-yard dash, or rhythmic gymnastic routine, you want to make sure you’re coaching your team with the latest winning strategies. SellingPower recently shared nine insights for building a winning sales team that they compiled from sales leader presentations at their recent Sales 3.0 conference. Embracing these strategies is your ticket to attending a record number of closed-won ceremonies.


Productivity booster

The Closer | Productivity booster

If there’s one common trait across all salespeople, it’s that they love selling. That also means that they hate doing anything that keeps them from selling – even if they’re important things like logging calls and emails, scheduling meetings, and keeping Salesforce current for accurate reporting and forecasting. That’s one of the reasons that reps love using Groove. By eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks, bringing Salesforce into the inbox, and automating messaging, Groove is saving reps hours every day. How much? Groove is saving Trader Interactive 15% a day in admin tasks alone, and that doesn’t count automated messaging and streamlined workflows. A Fortune 50 financial services firm summed it up this way: “Groove gave us our Fridays back!”

The fate of outside sales

The pandemic has had a profound impact on B2B sales – and on outside sales reps in particular. And we’re not just talking about the decimation of frequent flyer accounts. “Outside sales” effectively became “inside sales” nearly overnight. You might be tempted to call the successful transition that most B2B sales teams made to remote selling a “miracle,” but that would do injustice to the hard work that sales organizations put into making sure their reps had the right technology in place to be successful in this new world of remote selling. In a recent article for AiThority, Groove’s VP of Marketing Kristin Hersant shares the results of a B2B sales survey detailing the impact of remote working on B2B sales. Outside sales may look a lot different in the future, but we now know they can be successful if these teams have the right technology in place.


Competitive compliments


The Closer | Competitive complimentsIf you’re looking to establish a strong rapport with a buyer, competitive compliments can be very effective. No, we’re not talking about getting into a battle with the buyer about which one of you is nicer or more charming. Instead, you shouldn’t be afraid to compliment a competitor in areas where they are strong. This level of honesty can go a long way in establishing yourself as a trusted advisor and ultimately to help you win the deal. This is just one of three strategies for improving sales outcomes by enhancing the customer experience that you can find on the LinkedIn blog. It turns out that compliments can be effective in even the most unlikely of scenarios – but you’re so smart, we’re sure you already knew that.

Rewarding conversations

After 16 touches across email, phone, LinkedIn, direct mail, and TikTok, you’ve finally secured your first meeting with a prospect. How this initial conversation goes could easily determine whether you’ll be closing the deal. The last thing you want to do is to torpedo the opportunity by talking too much. Or talking too little. Or talking too eagerly. Yes, there are a lot of things that can go wrong in a sales conversation, but with a little education and practice, you can learn how to channel your inner Don Draper. If you’re ready to convert more deals, you should check out these seven keys to leading highly effective sales conversations as outlined by sales consultancy The Rain Group. These tips are definitely worth talking about.

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