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Sales is an adventure (race)

The Closer | Sales is an adventure (race)

Sales is an adventure (race)

Sales used to be a lot less complicated. In the old days, sales was often equated to a relay race where everyone from marketing to pre- and post-sales knew their role and stayed in their lane. That worked fine when there was a consistent, straightforward buying process. Thanks to today’s empowered buyer, sales is more like the Amazing Race. In order to win, everyone on the revenue team needs to work together and leverage their respective strengths to overcome unforeseen detours and roadblocks. If you like winning, check out Forrester analyst Seth Marrs’ blog for three strategies for transitioning your sales process from relay to adventure racing.

Marketers shouldn’t have all the attribution fun

Marketers love talking about attribution. It doesn’t matter how good they are at it, it’s still a go-to topic for PowerPoints and dinner parties. You don’t hear Sales yammering on about attribution – but that’s not necessarily a good thing. According to Gartner analyst Dave Egloff, CSOs can improve strategic planning by attributing revenue streams to key categories. By working with sales and revenue operations leaders, CSOs can uncover valuable insights by attributing revenue to categories like customer segment, product, and sales motion. If you’re tempted to let Marketing have this one thing, you probably need to dial up your competitive instincts.

Foo Fighters, Ted Lasso, and Net Zero

Salesforce’s legendary Dreamforce event returned to San Francisco for the first time since the pandemic. In-person attendees were limited to 1,000, but more than 160,000 were expected to join virtually from around the world. Whether in-person or online, everyone was treated to a Foo Fighters concert on opening night and an interview with Ted Lasso himself, Jason Sudeikis. You can check out all of Dreamforce’s main acts on-demand on the brand new streaming service you didn’t know you needed, Salesforce+. In case you missed some of the headlines, Salesforce made a big buzz around its Slack integration and impressive Net Zero environmental achievement. Despite its name, Dreamforce is never at risk of putting anyone to sleep.


Getting smart about sales intelligence

The Closer | Getting smart about sales intelligence

It takes a lot to be good at sales. It’s hard to teach hustle or people skills, but helping salespeople sell smarter has given rise to a burgeoning tech category: sales intelligence solutions. Of course, the sales tech landscape is far and wide, and the boundaries are definitely not well marked. As a result, you’re likely to find sales intelligence capabilities in a variety of platforms designed to help salespeople reach the top of their game. SalesTechSeries recently took a look at a few of the top sales intelligence solutions, and Groove was honored to be featured on the list. If you’re wondering what else Groove can do in this arena, you can do a deeper dive into our revenue intelligence capabilities on our website.


Not ready to die

The Closer | Not ready to die“Ready to Die” is the debut studio album of The Notorious B.I.G., who you’ll remember from a recent issue of The Closer. While phonetically very close, this article is focused on knowing when buyers are ready to buy. If you don’t take the time to understand when a customer is ready to buy, you risk destroying any trust you’ve built up to the point. This is also the point where the prospect can feel like they’re being sold. In the hallowed words of sales training organization Baker Communications, “Remember that nobody likes to be ‘sold,’ but everyone loves to buy.” Increase your close rate by learning about the three interest levels your prospect may be experiencing at any given time. Your results could be BIG.

Yes, and…

In the world of improvisational comedy, comics commonly rely on a technique called “yes, and” to advance a scene to a hysterical conclusion. It turns out that this technique of accepting what someone has said and building on it is also an effective sales tool for sharing insights with senior leaders. After building out a list of strategic questions based on previous discovery calls, “yes, and” can be used to expand on an executive’s response in a very natural and non-confrontational way. The Sales Readiness Groups explores how to combine strategic questions with a “yes, and” response to become a trusted advisor to senior executives.

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