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Sales leader survey says…

The Closer | Sales leader survey says…

Sales leader survey says…

Ask four hundred sales leaders about their favorite character on Friends, and you’ll get six different answers – seven if you count “Joey, and how is this relevant?” However, ask the same leaders about the future of sales, and you’ll identify some important trends that need to be addressed. According to extensive research from McKinsey & Company, the nature of B2B sales has changed over the past two years, and only 55% of leaders believe their teams have the required capabilities to thrive in this new environment. The good news is that there are three important shifts revenue teams can make to outperform the competition. B2B sales has changed, and Joey would like to know, “How you doin’?”

Hire power

Sourcing quality sales candidates in today’s tight job market is a lot like locating toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic – nearly impossible to find and often a bit scratchy if you did. According to Forrester, it’s taking the majority of B2B companies three months or more to fill open sales positions. With so few candidates out there, it’s imperative to focus on the hiring experience to lock in top candidates. If the struggle is real at your organization, Forrester has four recommendations for improving your sales hiring success. Without the right approach, you risk seeing a lot of your effort go right down the drain.


Only the best

The Closer - G2 2022 Best Software List

There are more than 100,000 products that have been reviewed on G2. If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. That’s why earning a spot on the newly published G2 2022 Best Software Product lists feels so satisfying. We know that because Groove was named to the Best Software Product lists for Sales, Enterprise, Office, and Global Sellers. We’re also number 17 out of more than 100,000 products for highest satisfaction. But are we satisfied with that? Yes. Yes, we are. Find out about Groove’s five G2 Best Software List rankings on our blog. We’re still trying to figure out why we didn’t make the “Most Humble” list.

Sales automation information

The one thing about being in sales is that there is always one more thing you could be doing to prospect into an account, nurture a lead, or close a deal. That’s why finding ways to save time is so valuable. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of sales automation tools out there that can eliminate tedious tasks, streamline processes, or scale your communications. The challenge is narrowing them down and figuring out which can have the biggest impact. If you don’t have time for that challenge, don’t fret. We’ve tackled it for you. Check out the most essential sales automation tools on our blog. You’ll be finding ways to save time in no time.


The Closer | To trust or not to trust, that is the questionTo trust or not to trust, that is the question

Chances are that you’re more than a little bit familiar with the saying “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” There’s one simple reason this phrase gets thrown around so much in company meetings and industry conferences – it’s true. The same thing goes for trust. Building trust between company and customer is imperative to differentiate and grow your business. From hiring a CTrO, or Chief Trust Officer, (yes, that is really a thing now), to quantifying trust in metrics, it is important to measure and manage trust. So where do you start? The Salesforce 360 Blog explains how to measure how much people really trust your company.

Hey batta batta, swing!

In baseball, a starting pitcher who leaves the game without earning a win or a loss receives a “no decision.” In sales, however, a no decision is when a buyer leaves the deal without signing, doesn’t go with your competition, and stays with what they were doing already. No one wins, but ultimately, the buyer is losing. It’s time to change this vicious no-decision cycle in its tracks. How, you may ask? The LinkedIn Sales Blog reveals which questions to ask the buyer to overcome the #1 deal killer: the “no decision.” You’re never going to win if you don’t step up to the plate.

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