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Sales ops and the price of fame

The Closer | Sales ops gives paparazzi the slip...for now


Sales ops and the price of fame

Sales operations teams have become so indispensable to the enterprise that it’s hard to imagine running a modern sales organization without them. However, any celebrity knows that popularity can have a dark side. Sales operations leaders have so far evaded the gaze of the paparazzi, but they are starting to gain a lot of attention within their own organizations. According to Gartner, sales ops are increasingly supporting additional departments like Marketing (57%), Product (38%), Finance (35%), and Services (34%). With so much demand, Gartner believes that sales ops leaders should adopt a modified Start, Stop, Continue framework that adds in “Delegate” and “Automate” to maximize ROI. They don’t yet offer any tips for dealing with the paparazzi.

Where productivity goes to die

It doesn’t take much to send productivity into a death spiral. Since this is a sales industry newsletter, we won’t be covering common productivity killers like the “ding” of an incoming text or the infinite scroll of Twitter. Sales organizations face much more insidious foes, including not understanding where buyers are in their journey or spending too much time on administrative tasks. According to Forrester, sales leaders need to help their teams overcome five main obstacles to productivity. You know there is a problem when a Forrester sales activity study reveals that sales reps spend one quarter of their time on administrative tasks…which is more than they spend selling directly to prospects. So, there is definitely some room for improvement.

The Salesforce tower lowers its drawbridge

After more than a year of working remotely, Salesforce is welcoming its employees back to work…in groups of 100. It turns out that figuring out the best way to welcome back 60,000 employees is no easy feat, and Salesforce is taking a very measured approach. If you’re wondering how Salesforce has retooled its offices to help keep its employees safe in the waning moments of the pandemic, you’re in luck. Business Insider gives readers an inside view of the newly redesigned workspaces in Salesforce Tower to accommodate social distancing, collaboration, and regular COVID checks and testing. Better yet, you can take a virtual tour without a mask.


To sync or not to sync

The Closer | To sync or not to sync

When it comes to sales engagement platforms that work with Salesforce, you have two options: native or non-native. Most sales engagement platforms are non-native, which allows them to also work with other CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics or HubSpot. While this approach allows the vendor to maximize their total addressable market, it provides some serious limitations for customers. A non-native platform has to sync data between two systems, which can lead to data latency, sync errors and inherent security concerns. A native platform maintains Salesforce as the system of record, which makes it more customizable, secure, and easy to manage. You can learn more about the pros and cons of native vs. non-native on our blog.


$500 for your thoughts?

Have you ever wondered about the potential impact of sales technologies on ROI, adoption, and performance? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just survey a bunch of sales professionals and ask them about their experience with popular sales tech? It turns out that you can. Sales Hacker just launched its 2021 Sales Impact Survey, and this is your chance to help make your dreams of sales tech ROI insights a reality. If the reward of knowledge is not enough, filling out the survey will also put you in a drawing for a $500 gift card. It’s like gambling, but for research!


A high IQ is particularly valuable if you want to win on Jeopardy, but it’s less important than EI when it comes to closing deals. In the world of sales, emotional intelligence is essential when it comes to understanding and building relationships with buyers. There are many ways to leverage emotional intelligence in the sales cycle, but according to Ben Lai, founder of the Sales Ethos training company, there are three things you should be focused on in every new sales opportunity. Closing more deals and crushing your number – now that’s something to get emotional about.

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