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Sales survey says…

Sales survey says | The Closer


Sales survey says…

Name a trend that is shaping the future of sales. If you guessed that sales has changed overnight and there’s no going back, you’re right. After surveying 400 buyers and 400 sellers, LinkedIn identified seven trends for the LinkedIn 2021 State of Sales report that revolve around attitudes towards virtual selling, remote working, sales technology and deal-killing behaviors. If you’d like to guess the other six trends, you can head over to the LinkedIn blog to see how you did and then download the report for the full results.

One thing is certain

You don’t need to see a B2B buyer’s journey map to know that enterprise sales is rife with uncertainty. In fact, one might say that the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty, but that person would be a lazy writer who’s become too comfortable with hackneyed expressions. If uncertainty is inevitable, sales leaders need to learn how they can effectively lead their teams when the path forward is unclear. Inspired by a recent Harvard Business Review article on the topic, Gartner analyst Dave Egloff broke down HBR’s six strategies specifically for sales leaders. Will you learn something valuable from it? Certainly.

No eating out of trash cans

Businesses are considering new regulations as workers head back to the office in the coming months. Eating out of trash cans, jumping on couches, and loud outbursts are just some of the restrictions being put in place…for dogs. It turns out that a lot of people adopted puppies during the pandemic, and now dog-friendly employers need to figure out how to best accommodate their increased pet population. On top of that, some businesses are implementing a “no petting policy” to avoid any risk of dogs passing the virus to humans or compromising social distancing protocols. The Wall Street Journal knew you’d have questions about this pandemic puppy proliferation, so they went ahead and fetched some answers for you.


Cohort of industries

Cohort of industries | The Closer

It’s no secret that Salesforce has been investing heavily in its Industry Clouds over the past couple of years. Salesforce Industries now provides companies in fifteen different sectors with the fastest path to digital transformation. By supporting their unique data models and over 700 custom-built workflows, Salesforce is enabling companies to accelerate time-to-value and decrease total cost of ownership. A big part of their strategy is aligning leading applications in the Salesforce AppExchange with relevant industries – and it’s on that point that Groove enters the mix. Salesforce just selected Groove out of hundreds of applicants to participate in Salesforce Accelerate Grow Cohort 11. Did the fact that we launched the first sales engagement platform built for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud play a role. Probably. Our 4.9 rating on the AppExchange might have helped too.


It’s all in your head

It’s all in your head | The Closer

What sets a top-performing sales rep apart from the rest? Nice try, but “beating quota” is not an acceptable (or helpful) answer. More than anything else, being successful at sales comes down to your mindset. According to Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of SellingPower, the mindset among reps can vary widely. You may have 20% reps focused on survival, 60% on hitting quota, and another 20% focused on mastering their craft. It’s the mindset of this last group that you want to spread to others. Gerhard has some specific ideas of what contributes to the profile of a top-performing sales rep and how managers can foster that mindset in others. It turns out that success is all in your head, right where it should be.

It’s all in the data

Top-performing sales reps may start with the right mindset, but it’s the actions they pursue with that mindset that gets them to the top of the board. So what exactly are top performers doing that gives them a 62% average win rate vs 40% for everyone else? Rather than spout out the first things that came to mind, RAIN Group decided to look at the data. After analyzing a number of sales research studies, RAIN Group found six things that top performers do more than others to crush their sales goals. Some won’t be a big surprise (Generate Quality Leads, Master Virtual Selling, and Expand Existing Accounts), but the others are a little less straightforward. Once you start applying the right mindset to the right activities, your quota won’t know what hit it.

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